Book Review of Little Children

Little Children
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I can't say that I despised this book or its characters, because there are certainly books I've read which I've felt worse about. However, I had a lot of difficulty getting through it. All of the characters seemed completely miserable in their lives, and that's just something that I've never been able to stand to read about.

I read this for a book group, and after going to the meeting, felt a little bit better about it, but not by much. There were some nuances which I had not considered, but overall, I still didn't like it.

Additionally, this book is completely miscategorized (which may or may not be a word) under "Gay and Lesbian". One of the characters once had a same-sex relationship years ago, during college, and it was barely mentioned. I'm not saying I was expecting lurid sex scenes or anything, but I was expecting something more than what was present.