Book Review of Fallen (Fallen, Bk 1)

Fallen (Fallen, Bk 1)
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It's long, too long I think but the story is simple. There is Lucinda Price, known as Luce; Daniel Grigori, a mysterious and attractive student; and Cameron Briel, known as Cam, a friendly outgoing and attractive student. So now we have the makings of a love triangle. But we must not forget Luce's friends, Arriane Alter and Pennyweather Van Syckle Lockwood, known as Penn, who help and hinder what happens in their own way.

Luce has a strange power that gets her into trouble. That's why she is at this special school. Daniel and Cam have their own secrets that take a long time to uncover, both for Luce and the reader. As for Arriane and Penn we have but to read and read to discover who they are.

This book has been compared to Twilight but since I haven't read that one I did not see the similarities. Just tried to read it for its merits. Many like this book and have continued with the series. It's not my favorite but not the worst either. I gave it three stars because of the length and the ending which I did not like even though it set readers up for a sequel. My best advice is to read it yourself and make your own call. Me? I can take it or leave it.