Book Review of The Shaman's Game (Charlie Moon, Bk 4)

The Shaman's Game (Charlie Moon, Bk 4)
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What a strange story - just when I think I've settled into a new series that I'm enjoying, the author throws one out of left field and leaves me wondering. For the tribes of the American Southwest, the annual Sun Dance is a very sacred ritual, where participants dance for days under the hot desert sun in hopes of a vision. But this year's Sun Dances have been plagued by deaths, and though autopsies show nothing abnormal, rumor goes around that a witch is responsible. Charlie Moon's shaman aunt Daisy Perika is convinced of it, and is determined to stop the witch before their tribe's Sun Dance is blighted with the same tragedy.

This story was SLOW... and yet strangely compelling. The details of the Sun Dance were fascinating, and the Charlie's experience being the target of 2 attractive women's attentions, unbeknownst to his naive self, highly amusing. But the ending just beat all, and made up for the slow pace of the book as it provided an astonishing and unusual resolution to the mystery. I am most definitely liking this series more and more!