Book Review of A Different Kind Of Summer (Harlequin Superromance, No 1355) (Larger Print)

A Different Kind Of Summer (Harlequin Superromance, No 1355) (Larger Print)
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Gwyn Sinclair is a single parent to her son Chris. Her husband died while she was pregnant and she's been doing the best she can as a parent and working mother. What Gwyn thinks will be another entertaining trip to the local museum for her son ends up being altogether different from any of their other trips. They meet David Bretton, a scientist who works at the museum. His first marriage broke up because "everything was science" to him. David would agree up to a point ... . Then he meets Gwyn and Chris and wants to be a part of their family. The attraction between him and Gwyn cannot be denied. But Gwyn's ideas of how to raise her son do not mesh with David's approach of facing reality. Will this problem keep these two people from finding a love they both want? A Different Kind of Summer (3), by Caron Todd, is a sweet story with likeable characters the reader will come to care about. The conflict of how to raise a child is a unique vehicle in which to tell a story and Todd has used it to great affect.
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