Book Review of The Return of the Ragpicker

The Return of the Ragpicker
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Nearly 20 years agao in a Chicago parking lot, Og Mandino met a man who changed his life and inspired millions of readers in the pages of Mandono's classic best seller "The greatest Miracle in the World". The man's name was Simon Potter and he called himself the RagPicker---because he had devoted his life to rescuing people who had ended up on lifes refuse pile. But just as suddenly and mysteriously as Simon entered Og Mandino's life, so did he leave it-- his work apparently done.

Three years ago, however, Simon Potter walked into Mamdino's life. Ninty -five years old and going stong, the Rag-picker knew his life work was not yet finished; the world was still mired in frustration and despir, plagued by druges, crime. broken families, and broken dreams. And so, he and Og Mandino vowed to deliver a precious new gift to humankind: a life guide to renewed strength, courage, wisdom, and faith for all.