Book Review of The Little Sparrows (Orphan Trains, Bk 1)

The Little Sparrows (Orphan Trains, Bk 1)
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I am an avid reader. I rarely meet a book that I absolutely dislike and find annoying and boring. Unfortunatly, that would describe this book. The characters were so incredibly good. No one ever said or did anything nasty or wrong. In fact, everyone goes out of their way to be as nice and kinds as possible. Nearly every person we meet is a born-again Christian or becomes one by the end of the book. Now, I have no problem with Christian books, on the contrary, I enjoy them, but this one felt like it was trying to preach at me constantly.
The other problem was that the children acted completely un-childlike. For example, the three Marston children have just been informed by a police officer that their parents are dead. Johnny, age 6, runs outside crying, a logical response. But his 8 year old sister Mary politely excuses herself and apologizes for leaving, saying "my brother needs me." She finds him, quotes some Bible verses to him, reminds him their parents are in heaven, then they return inside. They then thank the officer for saying he will help them find a home. The children consistently act with a composure most adults couldn't manage!
The one other thing that annoyed me was the author's constant use of the word 'honey.' Characters who barely knew each other called each other 'honey' very often. This drove me nuts after a while, but it might not bother you.
I also found the plot very predictable, except for one twist at the end, but by then I didn't care.
All in all, I would not recommend this book to anyone.