Book Review of Remember When (Foster Family, Bk 2)

Remember When (Foster Family, Bk 2)
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Alone on a moonlit balcony at Houston's White Orchid Charity Ball, Diana Foster courageously upheld the sparkling image of her family's BEAUTIFUL LIVING magazine. Recently jilted by her fiance for an Italian Heiress-an insult delivered via a sleazy tabloid-Diana was now very publicly UNengaged, and surrounded by humiliating rumors. So why was billionaire Cole Harrison closing in on her with two crystal flutes and a bottle of champagne?
The former stabelboy had received an ultimatum from his uncle: bring home a wife-soon-or lose his share a booming multinational business. Coolly analytical and arrestingly attractive, Cole knew what he wanted in a bride, and Diana Foster-rich, beautiful, principled-fit the role perfectly. But while a long, slow kiss sealed the bargain that solved both their dilemmas, neither imagined the extraordinary journey that would begin on that unforgettable night...