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The Camel Bookmobile
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I really enjoyed this book, it started a bit slow, laying the groundwork for Fiona but once she got to Africa it was very interesting. I love the interplay of charters, each one very well rounded. I was fully invested in all the charters. Marsha Hamilton told a very descriptive and colorful tale, one that I felt I could see in my mind like a movie. The lives of the semi-nomadic village, living in what most would consider a bleak existence, but from their point of view was rich in history, community, celebration and close to nature. A tale of how even the smallest gift, a hand pump and hose to bring water from the well, a teacher, some crazy books about avalanches and stories of lovers in big American Cities, can change their lives but also threaten their history and the continuation of their village and the life that they knew. At what point do modern devices and ideas become destructive to live as you know it? Read the book and you will see, a totally surprise ending, not anything that I was expecting. This was a very quick and easy read, don't forget to jot down the address to the real Camel Library so you can donate any books you may not need anymore. The information is at the end of the book.