Book Review of Maison Ikkoku, Vol. 1

Maison Ikkoku, Vol. 1
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All Rumiko Takahashi's works that I have read are - in a word - amazing. This 15-volume romantic comedy series is without a doubt one of the best such stories ever written. The main character is an average young man who (as is typical to manga heroes) somehow draws the attention multiple young ladies. However, uncharacteristic to manga, he only has feelings for one. His ties to the others are caused by a hilarious combination of cultural constrictions and happenstance. The female lead, a young widow, is torn between her growing feeling for the young man and the potential for a "safe" marriage to a charming, rich, handsome, and (unexpectedly) decent man.

The sheer indecisiveness of the primary characters is simultaneously amusing and frustrating. The annoying yet endearing supporting cast makes full use of Takahashi's characteristic flair for events happening at either the best time or the worst time possible - or both of those. The conclusion of the series will make you cry from sadness and joy at the same time, a clear indication of high-quality writing.