Book Review of The Old Silent (Richard Jury, Bk 10)

The Old Silent (Richard Jury, Bk 10)
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Tenth Richard Jury & Melrose Plant mystery in which Jury witnesses a murder (a husband shot by his wife) and is intrigued by the reason behind it. Feeling depressed and down, Jury requests two weeks' sick leave and begins to investigate the past lives of this couple, including an unsolved case from 8 years previously when the husband's son (the woman's step-son) was kidnapped for ransom and never found. This book is quite a bit longer than the other Jury mysteries and seems to make some wide-ranging detours off the storyline, but as many of these detours involved one of my favorite characters, Melrose Plant, I didn't mind. Enjoyable read as always and difficult to put down once started, and an intriguing mystery, too.