Book Review of The Best Revenge (Alan Gregory, Bk 11)

The Best Revenge (Alan Gregory, Bk 11)
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I know this says book 11 of a series, but I was pleased to see that it read like a stand alone book. So, if you have not gotten through this series to this point you can take this one and not suffer any gaping holes without reading the previous 10. I was pleased with the book. It had some very twisted plot portions which is exactly what you are looking for in a crime novel. It was a good read for someone who only occasionally does crime novels or mysteries. There wasn't a ton of procedural junk in this story that sometimes puts readers off that might like the story but aren't interested in the finer points of police or legal mechanics. It frees the reader up for just enjoying the narrative and the story. If you only occasionally do this type of fiction give this a try. If you are an experienced reader of this type of material and a stickler for correct police or legal minutia, go somewhere else.