Book Review of Cold Reign (Jane Yellowrock, Bk 11)

Cold Reign (Jane Yellowrock, Bk 11)
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It's like, you're cleaning up your house (or city, in this case) for the VERY IMPORTANT VAMPYRES and the dirt won't stay in the dust bin or keeps crawling out from under the rug! Then your unwanted guests arrive a little too early, while the dead won't stay dead.

That's just a minor spoiler to this exhausting book. I read it overnight. And between my lack of sleep and the non-stop series of crises I need some rest before the European vampyres arrive.

Can't wait for the next book.

That was the fan speaking. As the more level-headed bookworm, Cold Reign was pretty much all action and little introspection. This was not the case in the earlier books of the series. So I have a feeling that the publisher wants Ms. Hunter to draw out the series as long as possible, and some less than solid plot twists were thrown in as filler.