Book Review of What Is the What

What Is the What
What Is the What
Author: Dave Eggers
Genre: Nonfiction
Book Type: Paperback
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Fictional Autobiography. * * *. A young Sudanese boy is forced out of his war-torn homeland and must brave government soldiers, revolutionaries, and hungry animals. The book switches back and forth between his boyhood and current day and shows how his ordeal in Africa shaped his current life and decisions. The first 100 pages were tough because the author references certain names or words and then reuses them later on. Plus, I was never really informed about the struggles in Africa, so learning about the political angle was enlightening, indeed.

For those interested, keep a watch for the following words, highlight them or keep them handy for future use: NAMES: Kakuma, SPLA, Moses, William K, Dinka, September Laws, Baggara, Kolong Jar, Marial Bai, John Garang, Khartoum. WORDS: murahaleen, sharia, monyjang.