Book Review of The Short Forever (Stone Barrington, Bk 8) (Large Print)

The Short Forever (Stone Barrington, Bk 8) (Large Print)
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Copyright 2002, 515 pages. From the book jacket:

Stone Barrington, that debonair ex-cop turned lawyer-investigator is back--and he's just has his heart broken...again. So when a client comes along and offers him an assignment that will take him to London, he eagerly takes the case.

The client, a generous chap by the name of John Bartholomew, wants Stone to rescue his niece Erica from an unsavory character she's hooked up with--Lance Cabot--and have him arrested. But when Stone arrives, mysteries abound: Erica isn't his client's niece and Bartholomew isn't his real name.

As Stone searches for the real motives for discrediting Cabot, it becomes clear that the powers that be will do anything to stop his investigation. And when Stone himself is set up to take the rap for a double murder, he realizes he has a very personal stake in what has become the most puzzling case of his career.