Book Review of Unwind (Unwind, Bk 1)

Unwind (Unwind, Bk 1)
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Futuristic/Dystopian teen fiction by Neal Shusterman. In this very screwed up future, parents have the option of authorizing their children under the age of 18, to be "unwound." Essentially, this allows the kid to be taken apart, piece by piece, for body part donation.

Troubled teen Connor is sent to be unwound, but escapes. Along the way, he meets Risa, a ward of the State who is also to be unwound, simply because she isn't talented enough, and the state must make room for other orphans. And then there is Levi, who is the tenth child of wealthy parents, and was conceived for the express purpose of being unwound.

This is an incredible story. I started it, and couldn't put it down. Now I wish I'd bought the sequel at the same time.