Book Review of Good Grief

Good Grief
Good Grief
Author: Lolly Winston
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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I read GOOD GRIEF with a reading buddy in my online book club, The Reading Cove. It had been in my TBR pile for years so I'm glad I finally got around to it!

Sophie is a young woman, married only three years when her husband passes away. So this story is about her journey through grief, from Denial to Thanksgiving. Sophie manages to maintain her sense of humor throughout, so that saves the 'stream of consciousness' narrative from feeling like tedious rambling.

While well written, I did feel the story flirted with boredom and definitely went on a few chapters too long. Chapter 28 would've been the perfect stopping point. And many of the people who come into Sophie's life later on felt more like clichés than real people, particularly Crystal, the troubled teen she mentors. Whatever. ;-)

So overall, I would recommend approaching this story as if it were a sitcom rather than a drama, especially in the last third. I give it a C+