Book Review of The Legend of Robin Brodie (Highlanders, Bk 2)

The Legend of Robin Brodie (Highlanders, Bk 2)
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Book 2 of the Highlanders...
In the woods of Scotland he had become a legend-a guardian of the ancient ways, an unseen protector of the innocent.
His father was dead, his home destroyed by the ravages of war. Yet the physical scars left by an Englishman's knife could not compare to the torment of Robin Brodie's soul.
With bow in hand, a wolf at his side, and a stedfast refusal to give up his kilt and plaid, Robin carves out a solitary existence, a lonely guardsman against the enemies of Scotland. Only in the friendship of one woman-Alix MacLachlan-does he find a kindred spirit who touches the depths of his troubled heart.
His love knew no end, though she could never be his. What will he sacrifice to protect her.