Book Review of Dragon Prince (Dragon Prince, Bk 1)

Dragon Prince (Dragon Prince, Bk 1)
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This is a fantastic fantasy series and I am surprised I hadn't found it sooner! The characters and plots are a blend between David Eddings and Anne McCaffrey, but still very unique in many ways.

This takes place in a world where there is no "magic" persay, but there are Sunrunners that can use sunlight and moonlight to view far away places, speak telepathically to eachother, and even create fire and illusions. They are used as messengers, advisors, and spiritual leaders and are held in high regard. There are also the Princes, who rule with the power of land and people, and are advised by the sunrunners. And there are dragons.
At the time of this book, there is a High Prince who is only concerned with his own ambitions, and a prince-heir Rohan whose Prince father is known for his bravery in battles, and for uniting his subjects. When Rohan becomes Prince in his father's stead, he vows to oust the evil High Prince and rule fairly, lawfully, and justly. Then there is a very talented and skilled Sunrunner, Sioned. She has seen Rohan in a firey vision as her husband and they will be rulers together.

This was a great first book, and the first trilogy (Dragon Prince, Star Scroll, and Sunrunner's Fire) are wonderful reads. The second trilogy, Dragon Token, takes place shortly after Sunrunner's Fire. They continue the story when the continent is under attack from foreign invaders.

I loved the idea of using sunlight to carry messages, and that the sunrunners are peaceful and exalted people. The laws that Rohan strives to make create interesting politics that are easy to follow.

The few down sides I have found is that there are so many names. In several of the books Ms. Rawn has a character glossery in the back, which helps. I was also a little disappointed by the time jumps - sometimes decades go by, and other times many chapters cover just a few days. Her dating system was confusing to me too, until I realized that some chapters took place earlier in time but later in the book to tell what was happening at the same time, different places.
Over all the first 2 books were my favorite, and I started disliking some of the main characters in the later 4 books.
I still recommend it highly however, and am eager to read other series by Melanie Rawn!