Book Review of Daisy (Seven Brides, Bk 5)

Daisy (Seven Brides, Bk 5)
Daisy (Seven Brides, Bk 5)
Author: Leigh Greenwood
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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By the age of seven Tyler Randolph has been so emotionally abused by his sadistic father he no longer allows himself to feel anything, not when his brother go to war, his father deserts them or when his mother dies. He doesn't think he deserves his place in the family or his share of the family wealth.
Determined to make it on his own, Tyler heads for New Mexico and the lost gold mines. The only problem is that his birthday is in six months and he has promised to take one of the jobs his brothers had to offer if he fails to find gold by this time. Tyler can't bear to be a further failure and plans to dissappear when the time comes. When he rescues an injured beauty he has no place to take her but to his prospector's cabin high in the mountains. Taunted as the ugly Randolph, Tyler is hiding his handsome face behind long hair and a heavy beard. Daisy can't help but feel he has something to hide. Somehow though Tyler can't seem to want to hide from Daisy. Not his face and not his heart.

Daisy has been told what to do all her life and Tyler is the first man who seems to think she's capable of taking care of her ranch herself, she loves him, but doesn't want to give up the independence he's taught her to cherish. Finally she realizes that, though Tyler can do everything better than she, he has a scared little boy inside of him that needs her as desperately as she needs him. When she realizes Tyler sees himself as her partner, not her master, she knows she can trust him with her heart.