Book Review of The Texas Cowboy's Baby Rescue (Texas Legends: The McCabes, Bk 4) (Harlequin Western Romance, No 1685)

The Texas Cowboy's Baby Rescue (Texas Legends: The McCabes, Bk 4) (Harlequin Western Romance, No 1685)
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Good book about two people brought together by a baby and a puppy. Bridgett is a nurse who has big dreams of adopting a baby. When she discovers an abandoned baby, she believes it is destiny. But a note found with the baby gives him over to the care of Cullen McCabe. Social services approves Bridgett as a foster parent, but when she experiences a housing crisis Cullen offers to have her, the baby, and the puppy move into his ranch with him.

I liked both Cullen and Bridgett, though each had their frustrating moments. Cullen is honorable, gruff, and more sensitive than is obvious at first. He grew up not knowing who his father was until after his mother died. His childhood was rootless as his mother went from one job and one man to another, without any feeling of security. Even after being claimed by his father, Cullen tends to hold back on his emotions. I ached for him as he still felt like an outsider in his family, but also felt that he caused some of that himself. With his history of buying and selling ranches and moving on, it felt like he kept one foot out the door at all times. I liked that he takes his responsibility to the baby seriously and does everything he can to support Bridgett in her care of little Robby. But he wants to find Robby's birth parents before any decisions are made, which puts him a bit at odds with Bridgett.

Bridgett is caring, nurturing, and a bit stubborn. She has wanted a baby for a long time and has her plans made. She's found the perfect house, is on the foster-adopt list, and is now waiting for fate to deliver the perfect baby. Finding Robby is a dream come true, but with the question of his parentage up in the air, she could still lose out.

I enjoyed the development of Cullen and Bridgett's relationship. The first encounter at the hospital was a little rough, with Bridgett not exactly trusting that he's telling the truth about Robby not being his. I liked that he stepped up right away to be involved anyway and was there to help Bridgett when her landlord kicked her out of her apartment. I liked how there was an almost immediate feeling of family once Bridgett, Robby, and Riot arrived at the ranch. Both Cullen and Bridgett connected with little Robby right away. I especially enjoyed seeing the sweet moments between Cullen and the baby, as his walls began to crumble. Those moments added to Bridgett's growing feelings of family. When the sparks of attraction that flared between Cullen and Bridgett burst into flame, both were ready to see where it led. I was a bit frustrated with them both as their feelings grew more intense, but neither would talk about it. When their insecurities pushed them apart, it took straight talk from family members and some serious soul searching, before both Cullen and Bridgett could see where they'd gone wrong. I loved seeing them finally open their hearts fully to each other. The epilogue was terrific.

A big part of the story was the relationship between Cullen and his father and the McCabe family. There was obvious strain between Cullen and his dad, plus the way Cullen still felt like an outsider. I grew very frustrated with Cullen because the more I saw, the more I felt that he was doing it to himself. I especially liked Cullen's stepmother and the unconditional love she showed him. I wasn't sure how Bridgett's plan was going to turn out and held my breath as it played out.