Book Review of Midnight Voices

Midnight Voices
Midnight Voices
Author: John Saul
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Horror
Book Type: Paperback
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From back of the book:

The sudden, tragic death of her husband leaves Caroline Evans alon in New York City to raise her children with little money and even less hope. When she meets and marries handsome, successful Anthony Fleming, the charismatice man of her dreams, she believes her life is destined for happiness. She and her children move into her new husband's spacious apartment in the legendary Rockwell on Central Park West. Despite her son's instinctive misgivings about the building and its residents, Caroline dismisses the odd behavior of her neighbors as pleasant eccenticities. But after her daughter begins to experience horrifying nightmares and a startling secret emerges, Caroline realizes that the magnificence of her new home masks a secret of unimaginable horror..................