Book Review of Raiders of the Lost Corset (Crime of Fashion, Bk 4)

Raiders of the Lost Corset (Crime of Fashion, Bk 4)
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I am totally enjoying Lacey and her friends. I wish I had a stylist like Stella.....or do I?? And Vic, well we could ALL use a Vic. Lacey just falls into these murders, uses fashion to figure out who did it, and always gets her man - or woman.

This book takes her to Paris and then to New Orleans to solve the mystery of a long lost Romanov corset and also the related murder of Magda Rousseau, a corset creator. Magda tells Lacey the tale of the corset and Lacey gets permission from her paper to go to Paris to cover the story with Magda. Unfortunately Magda is stabbed and/or poisoned before she can make the trip. Lacey goes on, taking her friend and lawyer, Brooke, with her. She had Vic are on the outs but don't worry, we all know how that will end!