Book Review of Absolute Fear

Absolute Fear
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All-in-all, a pretty good, interesting read featuring the mental illness of a killer, if the reader can manage to bypass the typical female bullcrap. This book had several twists and turns that actually surprised me, which, after being such a longtime reader of murder mysteries and police procedurals, it's rather hard to do nowadays. The ending is pretty good and makes up for some of the irritating parts, such as, I get really tired of the brave, strong woman who is all gun-ho for not being a victim and she's going to catch this killer, by God, and kick some ass doing it! But, as always, she starts making stupid decisions and mistakes that anyone with common sense would know better, and then I start to get frustrated with the author (and the characters, or course) for taking a strong woman and turning her into a melting heap of fear. So predictable and so upsetting. I guess I need to stick with books featuring all men and stay away from the female as being the main character. I also found myself fast forwarding through several lovemaking scenes. If I wanted to read a romance, I would have purchased a romance novel.