Book Review of Bliss

Author: Peter Carey
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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From the back cover:
Bliss is the story of Harry Joy, husband, father, successful advertising man in a subtropical Australian city, who "dies" for some minutes during a coronary. While his spirit floats free of his body lying prostrate on his suburban lawn, Harry recognizes the world he has been living in for thirty-nine years as Hell. Upon his return to life, his wife Bettina, angered by his refusal to allow her to work for the firm, engages in an affair withone of his employees. Their son and daughter are involved with drugs and sexually with each other. Manufacturers of carcinogens are among his agency's clients. The peopl around him are dishonest, brutal, and hypocritical--with one exception: Honey Barbara, a hippy flower child from the outback who comes to town just as Harry is dismantling his business by purging it of evil and whose tender, erotic feeling for Harry is returned in kind. The family commits Harry to a mental hospital; love is lost and regained; and finally the lovers achieve an alternative life that may well be Harry's Heaven.