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The Eclectic Pen - 7 Doors

By: Kami (Kidsey)   + 9 more  
Date Submitted: 3/17/2009
Last Updated: 3/17/2009
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Words: 1,440

  There was no reason to live. I was in gym when I decided I wanted to die. We where outside, running. Then I heard screaming, and the barking of Coach Annisters.
"Hey! Over here! Anyone got water?" I lay on my back, I could see the sky.
I came through a door.
I found myself along a pure white broad hallway. I was very long, doors all along the white walls. I stood up, questions filled my mind.
Where was I? Am I dead? Is this heaven? Am I christian? No, so why the heck would this be heaven?
I came to a conclution soon after.
"Great," I said to myself, "I'm dead." I tapped my foot. Silence. I hummed a song. Nothing. So I screamed. My echo rang out again and again throughout the beutiful hall. It was so peaceful. But boring. Yet delicate. But boring.

So, I opened the first door.
My 8th birthday party. I stared at the bright pink cake the had the words 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAI!' neatly written in icing across it. But I was crying. No one came to my party. I had sent out 18 invatations and no one had shown up. I knew why too. I was the snobbiest kid in school. But I was allowed to be, my daddy was rich. 30 minutes passed and no one showed up. My dad was pacing back and fourth our huge, beutiful kitchen, annoyed, stopping every moment or so to look at his lovely watch. Then he gave out a loud huff-sigh and left the room. I cried harder. I was so mad! How could I not realize it? I took my cake from the table and thrashed it upon the floor, cake splashing every where.
Then Thora, our only house maid, came charging in.
"Heaven on earth!" She cried, "Child, what are you doing?!"
Thora was a christian. She always took Sundays off, and on Mondays, she sometimes told me and my brother, Stephen, who was three years older than me, about God.
"I don't want it to be heaven on earth!" I screamed, "I want it to be hell! For everyone!"
I stormed out of the kitchen, my head high. I raced to Stephen's room. He would understand.
"How was your party?" He asked when I walked into his room, though he knew no one had shown up. I was filled with rage. No one understood. He was mocking me! I went up and bit him. My sharp teeth sunk into his tender skin. Something was wrong.

The Second door opened.
First day of 4th grade. I was seated in the back corner of the room, next to Huey Presscott, who was kind of cute. I looked at the paper in front of me. We where supposed to write our names out and color them for our desks. I had already scetched out BAI SAULKER neatly on my paper in bubble letters, with my crisp, brand new, Ticonderoga pencil. I was proud of that word. I said it alot. Instead of saying pencil i would say Ticonderagga.
Huey and I shared colored pencils. The where all so new and beutiful. The had really pretty names too. I was going to use LEMON SILVER for my B, but Huey was using up the whole thing for his last name! P-R-E-S-S-C-O-T-T! I waited impatiently. Finally he was done and I snatched it away before he could even set it down. As soon as the color touched my page it broke, causing a giant LEMON SILVER streak across my entire page.
"Look what you did!" I shrieked, "You ruined my page!"
Huey looked up, confused. "What?" he said, "I didn't touch your page!"
"You used up the whole thing and broke it stupid!"
By this time, our teacher, Miss Cadetsy, had come over. So I was sent down to the principals office. And I sat there and didn't listen to the principal talk about my temper, or self control. But, I didn't have to. My daddy was rich.
I walked out of door number 2.
Where these just memories? Where they important? What was this white hall trying to tell me?
I walked through door number 3.
6th grade. Dreaded math test. In the middle of the year, I hadn't recieved an A on any of my tests. C and lower, Usually lower. Huey's mom, who was our 6th grade math teacher, called me up to her dest.
"Bai, dear," Said Mrs. Presscott, "Will you go down and make twenty copies of this for me?" She held out a piece of paper. Anything to get out of a test. I walked down to the office and chose a copying machine. And in that very copier was the answer sheet to the math test. Was this a test? Is she watching me?. Whatever it was, I copied down all the answers and sadly, got an A on my test.
Door number 4 was just begging me to walk in. so I did.
8th grade. Last month of school dance. No one had asked me to go with them. And I knew why. I had one friend, Rosalee.
I went by myself. Once my mom had dropped me off, I immediatly stalked over to the drink table, where I spotted Rosalee. I was wearing my favorate shirt. It was orange, and long. And if just a bit longer, could of served as a dress. Also, I wore jeans. Rosalee was in some sort of prom dress. She was strange, but very kind.
"Hey," said Rosalee, "You look down."
"I am down." I replied flatly. "Who took you to the dance?"
"Leo." she answered happily.
"Lucky." I muttered, "How do you have so many friends?"
"Think before you speak." She smiled broadly, "And try church. I think you'd like it."
Then there was a shriek, coming from the middle of the dance floor. It came from Shalette- boy magnet. She frolics around school critisizing clothing and marking territories. It's sick. She just broke up with her 'boyfriend' Victor, and Huey was the first to ask her to the dance. No he is way popular. Most boys would kill to go on an 'outing' with Shalette. Some people say, if you follow her for an entire week, you will have good luck for three years.
"You ruined my shirt!" she shrieked again. She should not have said yes to Huey, who is as clumsy as he is cute. We all quieted down.
"S-sorry." mumbled Huey, holding two glasses of punch, one half empty. Orange juice dripped down her glossy shirt. She stormed out of the gym, slamming the door on her way out, her friends daintily followed. Everything started back up again. Huey stalked to the corner of the gym. I followed. His eyes where watery.
"You ok?" I asked.
"Yeah, I guess."
I didn't say anything like 'haha' or 'serves you right'
"She is kind of a jerk you know."
He chuckled. "Now you tell me." He paused. "Wanna dance?"
I walked out of room number 4. Only two had remained. I took a deep sigh, and walked through the next door.

A man in a White suit. A man in a black suit. I could see the man in white onlu vaguily, though he stepped up. He was like mist.
"Care for a tour?" He asked.
He walked me out to the hall.
"Bai, do you know what just happened?"
"I danced with Huey Presscott?
"You made a decision. A very inmportant one too. You made one in each of those memories I showed you."
"You showed them to me," I said, "What am I doing here all together?"
"You chose to get mad at Thora and Stephen."
"you chose to cheat and lie on that test."
I looked at my feet, guilty. He was right.
"But not all of you is bad." I looked up, "You really helped Huey at that dance.
I blushed, "Thanks."
Yet he continued. "To wolves faught over a den. The wolf filled with kindness, just, and thruth, owned it. But the wolf filled with hatred, evil, and lies, planned to take over. The are always fighting."
"Who will win?" I blurted.
"The one you feet." At the end of the hall there was one last door. Nember 7. Most likely my last. He held it open and I walked through.

Three heads peered over me. Rosalee, Huey, and Coach Annisters.
"Thank God you're all right!" Cried Rosalee. Huey helped me up. I rubbed my head.
"What happened?" I asked.
"Dunno-" replied Huey, "You just, fell..." Another reason why I hate the last week of school gym.
"You should go over to the office." Said Coach Annisters, "We almost called an ambulance!" Huey and Rosalee nodded. Right before i walked off I asked one last thing.
"What church do you go to, Rosalee?"

It was true. I had made a very important decision.


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Kimberly Z. (chiKaD27) - , - 3/17/2009 8:28 PM ET
Very nice.......but your spelling reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stinks!!!! I know you can fix it.
Kami (Kidsey) - 3/17/2009 11:50 PM ET
Har, thanks alot then.
Kami (Kidsey) - 3/17/2009 11:50 PM ET
Har, thanks alot then.
Kami (Kidsey) - 3/18/2009 8:23 PM ET
I wonder why my comment went through twice.
Comments 1 to 4 of 4