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Member Testimonials

Here are real testimonials from our club members. If you like what we are doing in general or maybe you consider a certain feature to be a miniature "stroke of genius" :), please take a moment to let us know about it. Hey, we like to read these testimonials and we can then publish them for prospective members to read as well. (More books! More books!)

Or maybe you'd like to express your appreciation for the kind or thoughtful actions of fellow members? We hear about them quite often in feedback and it always makes our day, so please, share it with the world!

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"Love Paperback Swap;--just mailed three books for less than $9.00--you can't even buy a paperback book for that price. Geri B"
Geri B. - New Hampton, IA 
"I have been requesting books to be sent to a residential facility for troubled teens. So many members have offered to send additional books (and supplies) to a teacher who has nothing in her classroom. Literally no books!!!! The teacher told me that one of her students expressed frustration that they don't have any physical books - they were reading "Night" by Wiesel sharing the teacher's reader and whatever she could print out. Both the teacher and the students will be so grateful for the books.

I have been so moved by the kindness and generosity of my fellow PBS members. Everybody is so amazing! I truly believe that these students, who have had such difficult lives and face such difficult challenges, will feel the effects of strangers wanting to give to them and so much positive energy coming their way.

Thank you PBS for facilitating such a wonderful experience and thank you for everyone who has offered to help. The teacher and I truly appreciate it."

Jill S. (irescuebooks) - East Hampton, CT 
"I love I am a mystery lover and I feel I have saved a lot of money here. I have also ordered cookbooks (another thing I like to do. Just grateful that I found you years ago."
Eva K. (mistrynut) - Anaheim, CA Standard Member medalFriend of PBS-Gold medalPrintable Postage medal
"My best friend and roommate, an avid mystery book lover and reader in general, recently passed. I love books, but I knew I'd never read her collection containing hundreds of titles. I would never throw them away and donating them was risky because I never knew if they would be bought or just trashed. Then, I stumbled on this website. Her books are going to people who WANT them, who are actively seeking them. And if they are returned to the website they may go to many people enriching more lives then they would just laying on my bookshelves. Thank you for giving me a way to pass on her love and find books I've been looking for in return. Thank you to the amazing people whose idea sparked this site and thank you everyone who swaps. I couldn't be more grateful."
Heather G. (hgreco09) - O Fallon, IL Limited Member medal
"I am impressed with the programming fixes that have been put in place over the last couple weeks! Almost all of the minor irritations (my opinion) at the site have been eliminated (except the one where I'm changing the number of ounces on the package...could it pause a few seconds while I input the new number rather than force me to close the warning window immediately?)

But so many other things are better. The printed label shows up without me having to enlarge the window so I can see the link. I can scroll down on the page where I accept a book without changing the initial selections. I can't even remember all the improvements, but thank you!"

"PBS has got to be the best book club around! So easy to use, it feeds my love of reading & enables me to save money while feeding my addiction.

So easy to post the books I've read so others can also enjoy them!"

Michelle M. (chellsabookaddict) - - Millsboro, DE Standard Member medal
"I've been a member for over 10 years, but I am especially grateful for PBS during the Pandemic, when all my local libraries are closed."
Josh G. (bhweekly) - , - Beverly Hills, CA Standard Member medalFriend of PBS-Silver medal
"I am 86 and have been a member since 2006. I have the free alacarte membership but get free swaps because i use pb postage and tracking option. I get about 2/3 of my reading thru pbs, buy an occasional new one and the rest are ebooks from amazon and bnoble. This is a great idea and i found the “librarian” other folks helping answer questions meeting my needs. Every once and awhile i get a book on its last legs and toss it when i finish reading it. That is the nature of the beast. Many books i receive are almost brand new. I have almost 2000 swaps. Great job PBS."
Edward C. S. (ed) - , - Decatur, GA 
"Great Community of Readers and Best Deal out There!
PaperBackSwap 5/5

I've been a member of Paperbackswap since near the beginning and while I wasn't overjoyed at some of the changes, they are still a better deal than buying used books from Amazon, Ebay or Bookmooch. Amazon or Ebay is going to charge you $3.99 to $4.99 shipping plus whatever the seller is charging so no I don't want to pay them an extra 2 or 3 dollars for what is normally $2.75 to mail media mail. I have mailed out almost 4000 books (not counting the freebies I thrown in) and received over 3000. The $20 a year membership is the price of one new hardback or two paperbacks, but it allows me to have 500 books on my wishlist and grants me one free ($.55) transaction fee a month. Not a problem. The people who run this site can't be expected to offer the necessary time nor servers without some compensation. I have noticed that the amount of people trading books is down but I still receive 3 or 4 books a month and any book I get here rather than forking out $10-$20 for is always a cause for celebration! Hopefully, after people get over their mad at the changes they'll be back cause PBS is still a better deal For the most part, this site is very well run. Their customer service could use some training as they do tend to be a bit snarky on occasion but if I had to deal with some of the idiots' complaints, I'd probably get fired the first day. Some of the requistor conditions are laughable like this one I got-" I ONLY want newish books as I'm collecting this series or gifting it to someone who I want to think I actually bought this book new." Seriously! If you are taking these books out of the PBS circulation or ashamed of buying a used book--go somewhere else. I always pass on these individuals and offer my books to readers interested in reading it and then passing it on. I still often buy a used book from Amazon or Ebay, especially if reading a series and not wanting to wait, but I always offer it to the PBS Community as passing it on to friends I've made on this site makes me feel good.
My daughter who is a middle school teacher wanted to have a classroom library for her kids and I obtained over 400 books from PBS using my credits and a request to people on my friends list to let me know if they would offer deals on groups of middle school books. The response was overwhelming. I had so many who offered extra books free and many who sent me boxes of books at no cost. This is the kind of community that PBS has encouraged and will have me trading books here for many, many more years."

Lisa R. (alterlisa) - , - Granite Falls, NC Standard Member medalPrintable Postage medal
"I have been a member for 15+ years. I always check the site before purchasing a book and have often given books as gifts after getting them from paperback swap. We have traded homeschool textbooks, fiction and non-fiction reading and then reswapped after we were finished with the books. So handy and convenient, plus the 50¢ prices can't be beat!!"
Tonya T. (mrststidbitsandtreas) - Maitland, FL 
"Hey, I'm Ben from Athens, Georgia. A friend recommended PBS to me several years ago, I think PBS calls me a charter member. I was never much of a reader until PBS. Many of my friends suggested I become a tablet reader, but I need the books on my book shelves. They are my trophies, reminders of the challenge!"
Ben R. (beachbum1) - Watkinsville, GA 
"We joined in 2009. BEFORE I go to one of the discount books websites, I always come to Paperback Swap first. This website is a must for the hungry reader."
Lee K. (leejay) - Leesburg, FL 
"I have been with PBS since 2013 I absolutely love this place I have found books I had been looking for, for years I have found many on here I’m so glad they made this website possible."
Brandy H. (misskay36) - Preston, OK Standard Member medal
"I have belonged to Paperbackswap for several years now. I love it. It is a way to conserve and to share at the same time."
Eva K. (mistrynut) - Anaheim, CA Standard Member medalFriend of PBS-Gold medalPrintable Postage medal
"I was at Barnes and Nobles a few weeks ago, and the young lady working there had never heard of this web site, but said she was going to check it out as soon as she got home that evening. I hope she did, because I really love it, have gotten many books here and re-homed many also. When I list a book, and it is not requested within 6 months or so, I take it to the local VFW and they take them to the Veterans Hospitals and/or Retirement Homes. Also a good place for books!"
JoAnne U. - Modesto, CA 
"I love this so much! I feel that every reader and book owner should use this membership. I have been able to get books that I have wanted for quite some time and didn't want to pay full price for. I also have posted great books that I have and don't want to keep. I can then save up my credits for "new to me" books. It's just a wonderful genius idea and I hope more people take advantage of it!"
JENNIFER C. (jenferbooks) - Elkhorn, WI Standard Member medal
"I started using Paper Back years ago. I LOVE IT!"
Dawn B. (dawn6463) - Gainesville, GA 
"Hi, my name is Oswaldo Reyes and i am an avid reader and book collector. I have also been a member of PBS for almost 10 years. I love PBS. Being a member of PBS for this many years has been a great experience. I have met many great people ,who love to read. I have also saved hundreds of dollars in books.Before becoming a member of paperbackswap i was spending a small fortune in books every year. My membership with PBS has changed all that. I get to enjoy the books i love to read for free. Besides swapping books with other members, there is so many book discussion forums you could be a part of, it's just fantastic. No other book club offers you as much as PBS.Paperbackswap is the greatest book club in America."
Oswaldo R. (busyboy) - Bronx, NY 
"As everyone else involved in PAPERBACK; I love this sight. I have received so many wonderful books."
Marianne S. (rowdy) - Northport, NY 
"I love this site, and I've only been a member for a few months! If a book isn't carried by my local library, I can order from another member here, or put it on wishlist and get surprised when it's suddenly available.

I can also find good homes for my old books and earn credit towards . . . more books! I especially like being able to start and supplement my manga collection (this takes time and patience, though). Totally worth it."

"I love the PBS web-site. PBS has allowed me to read many titles that I would not have known were available. This site us a great resource for any reader. The availability of books is a plus; and when are looking for a certain, it's so easy to look and find. If it's not available at that time, using the wish-list may turn up a title later."
Pat W. (3ladybug) - Wichita, KS Standard Member medalFriend of PBS-Silver medalPrintable Postage medal
"PBS is great. I was turned on to it by a friend at work Jan. 2012 and have received and sent hundreds of books since then.
It's nice to know there are avid readers like me out there.
Keep up the good work PBS."

"I recently joined and it is amazing how everything works. I've saved so much on books and I'm just love using PBS!"
Kenleigh L. (thebookswerebetter) - Glendale, AZ 
"Was delighted to discover PBS 10 years (and about 1100 transactions) ago, after having had uneven experiences with small swap groups. Then a few years, I found another large online group and thought I could "double my fun". Nope. Cumbersome site to navigate, no way to put postage on the books at home, extremely high percentage of "lost in the mail" transactions, and on and on and on. Officially closed my membership there today.

You guys are the greatest for ease of use, helpfulness of staff during the few problems I've encountered, wish list maintenance, and so much more.

Hats off to the PBS family!"

Lynda C. (Readnmachine) - Umatilla, OR Standard Member medalPrintable Postage medal
"I would like to recommend JoyL as member of the month. She was the online help person who I contacted when I was having a problem I couldn't find this answer to in HELP. She put a great deal of time helping me to a completion. She's great!"
Margaretann B. (mannsb) - El Paso, TX 
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