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Richard P.
123 Books

Hi - my name is Richard Pickering and I'm the Founder of PaperBackSwap. I have two kids and reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

I came up with the idea for PaperBackSwap because of all the traveling that I used to do for business. I found that there was no easy way...

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Member Testimonials

I am 86 and have been a member since 2006. I have the free alacarte membership but get free swaps because i use pb postage and tracking option. I get about 2/3 of my reading thru pbs, buy an occasional new one and the rest are ebooks from amazon and bnoble. This is a great idea and i found the “librarian” other folks helping answer questions meeting my needs. Every once and awhile i get a book on its last legs and toss it when i finish reading it. That is the nature of the beast. Many books i receive are almost brand new. I have almost 2000 swaps. Great job PBS.
Edward C. S. (Decatur, GA) - 12/21/2019
Great Community of Readers and Best Deal out There!
PaperBackSwap 5/5

I've been a member of Paperbackswap since near the beginning and while I wasn't overjoyed at some of the changes, they are still a better deal than buying used books from Amazon, Ebay or Bookmooch. Amazon or Ebay is going to charge you $3.99 to $4.99 shipping plus whatever the seller is charging so no I don't want to pay them an extra 2 or 3 dollars for what is normally $2.75 to mail media mail. I have mailed out almost 4000 books (not counting the freebies I thrown in) and received over 3000. The $20 a year membership is the price of one new hardback or two paperbacks, but it allows me to have 500 books on my wishlist and grants me one free ($.55) transaction fee a month. Not a problem. The people who run this site can't be expected to offer the necessary time nor servers without some compensation. I have noticed that the amount of people trading books is down but I still receive 3 or 4 books a month and any book I get here rather than forking out $10-$20 for is always a cause for celebration! Hopefully, after people get over their mad at the changes they'll be back cause PBS is still a better deal For the most part, this site is very well run. Their customer service could use some training as they do tend to be a bit snarky on occasion but if I had to deal with some of the idiots' complaints, I'd probably get fired the first day. Some of the requistor conditions are laughable like this one I got-" I ONLY want newish books as I'm collecting this series or gifting it to someone who I want to think I actually bought this book new." Seriously! If you are taking these books out of the PBS circulation or ashamed of buying a used book--go somewhere else. I always pass on these individuals and offer my books to readers interested in reading it and then passing it on. I still often buy a used book from Amazon or Ebay, especially if reading a series and not wanting to wait, but I always offer it to the PBS Community as passing it on to friends I've made on this site makes me feel good.
My daughter who is a middle school teacher wanted to have a classroom library for her kids and I obtained over 400 books from PBS using my credits and a request to people on my friends list to let me know if they would offer deals on groups of middle school books. The response was overwhelming. I had so many who offered extra books free and many who sent me boxes of books at no cost. This is the kind of community that PBS has encouraged and will have me trading books here for many, many more years.

Lisa R. (Granite Falls, NC) - 12/8/2019

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