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Love Paperback Swap;--just mailed three books for less than $9.00--you can't even buy a paperback book for that price. Geri B

Geri B. (New Hampton, IA)
I have been requesting books to be sent to a residential facility for troubled teens. So many members have offered to send additional books (and supplies) to a teacher who has nothing in her classroom. Literally no books!!!! The teacher told me that one of her students expressed frustration that they don't have any physical books - they were reading "Night" by Wiesel sharing the teacher's reader and whatever she could print out. Both the teacher and the students will be so grateful for the books.

I have been so moved by the kindness and generosity of my fellow PBS members. Everybody is so amazing! I truly believe that these students, who have had such difficult lives and face such difficult challenges, will feel the effects of strangers wanting to give to them and so much positive energy coming their way.

Thank you PBS for facilitating such a wonderful experience and thank you for everyone who has offered to help. The teacher and I truly appreciate it.

Jill S. (East Hampton, CT)

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