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My best friend and roommate, an avid mystery book lover and reader in general, recently passed. I love books, but I knew I'd never read her collection containing hundreds of titles. I would never throw them away and donating them was risky because I never knew if they would be bought or just trashed. Then, I stumbled on this website. Her books are going to people who WANT them, who are actively seeking them. And if they are returned to the website they may go to many people enriching more lives then they would just laying on my bookshelves. Thank you for giving me a way to pass on her love and find books I've been looking for in return. Thank you to the amazing people whose idea sparked this site and thank you everyone who swaps. I couldn't be more grateful.
Heather G. (O Fallon, IL) - 1/18/2021
I am impressed with the programming fixes that have been put in place over the last couple weeks! Almost all of the minor irritations (my opinion) at the site have been eliminated (except the one where I'm changing the number of ounces on the package...could it pause a few seconds while I input the new number rather than force me to close the warning window immediately?)

But so many other things are better. The printed label shows up without me having to enlarge the window so I can see the link. I can scroll down on the page where I accept a book without changing the initial selections. I can't even remember all the improvements, but thank you!

Elaine G. - 1/7/2021

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