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The Eclectic Pen - Abigail's Tale ~Fictonal, but possible~

By: Cordy B. (Equus)  
Date Submitted: 2/7/2007
Genre: History » Americas
Words: 373

  November 30, 1620

Being a lady wasnít enough to stop me from running past the men to relieve myself of my sea sickness upon landing. It brought quite a reaction from the crowd. They were all thinking, ďThis girl is the Kingsí Granddaughter, where are her manners!Ē Once I had recovered my composure I was able to get a good look at the surroundings. In the crisp morning air I could see trees and little animals that I havenít a name for peaking out at us from their hiding place.
Victoria and Elizabeth were able to hold out against the sea, yet few were as fortunate. We lost men and women alike on the voyage. One poor dear, Mary Beck, didnít overcome her sickness and we were forced to give her a burial at sea. She wasnít the only one who we lost to the trip. They will be missed, yet we need to look ahead and care for ourselves and the children. We still have the winter looming in our paths.

~~Abigail Whimsical

December 4, 1620

I still havenít been able to loosen the hold of the sickness and I fear that I cannot last through the winter if this last any longer. Vicky and Liz are both worried sick, yet I know that even if I donít make it I have a place in the promise land. I cannot help but smile when I glance out my window and see the children enjoying games of tag and marbles. At least, as my health is failing I can see our future from my bed.
Something gives me the idea that Vicky will be married soon, which should please her father. It is quite unfortunate that dear Liz lost her family. She is staying with Vicky; alas I do hope it works out for her, as I understand what loosing a parent feels like. I still morn the loss of my mother. The weather is getting worse by the day; we have already lost children and elders to the cold. Others fall to illnesses.

~~Abigail Whimsical


Authors note: Abigail Whimsical lost her life to the illness she contracted while on the voyage from England. She died on December 8, 1620. She was 18 years old. (Not a true story)

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Cheryl B. (mysticalunicorn) - 2/12/2007 8:30 PM ET
I liked your story!!
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