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The Eclectic Pen - All Against my will

By: Katelin C. (miztheatre)   + 12 more  
Date Submitted: 3/8/2012
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 98

  I fell in love
and lost my heart
i became weak
all against my will

I tried to fight it and hide it
and pretend it didnt exist
but it came out all at once
against my will

I wanted it a secret
to pretend it wasnt true
but my heart spilled it to the world
all against my will

Now Im in love
and ive become happy
and ive become depressed
all against my will

ive become so aware
of everything you are
of everything you do
all against my will

i know just what you'll do
and I feel like shes the enemy
and i lay my head down to cry
all against my will

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Sherri B. (sherrib50) - , - 3/18/2012 1:04 AM ET
Katlin, Like always beautiful... When I miss my mom I come here and read you stuff, and I just love it makes me feel better she would have love it too...
Comments 1 to 1 of 1