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The Eclectic Pen - Yet Another Love Story Chapter 1

By: Angela M. (angelina99)  
Date Submitted: 12/25/2012
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Women's Fiction
Words: 860

  ACT 1

It's day 1 of middle school, everyone is exited with thier unrealistic dreams of becoming popular, starting the most succesfull club of all time, and having everyone in the school know their names because they are awsome. It seems like only a young girl named Angela knows what is in store for her, even though it's a brand new school with people who have never even heard your name and it seems like a brand new chance, it isn't. No matter where you are, people will eventually figure out who you trully are, good or bad. It seems like that, but is any of it really true? Is she the only one who feels that way? Is that really the way that things are?

Angela's POV: Why are all these people so blind to fate? Sure I had fantasies about those kinds of things, but I knew it would never really happen. All I want is for someone else to have the same realization. If there really is someone like that, why can't I find them?

Jace's POV: These people don't know what they are in for, come november, they will be in a great depression. *spots Angela* Looks like at least one person got it through their thick head that life isn't perfect just because your'e a middle schooler now.*walks over to her*

Jace: *leans down to her ear without her noicing* (hes behind her) Hey.

Angela: Ahh! *spins around* WTF!? Who are you?

Jace: *jaughing* Hey I'm jace, a seventh grader, might I ask your name?

Angela:Oh, I'm angela, a sixth grader, nice to meet you... WAIT A SECOND, WHAT ARE YOU DOING GOING AROUND SNEAKING UP ON PEOPLE!?

Jace: sorry, I couldn't resist! I'll make it up to you, how about I walk you to your locker, help you get things set up, walk you to class, and then act as your lunch date?

Angela's POV: Well, he is kinda cute, couldn't hurt...

Angela: Ok, *smiles*

*Jace walks her to her locker*

Angela: Umm, 122, 123, aha! Locker number 124! *opens up bag and starts emptying her bag*

Jace: You sure do have a lot of stuff there, want some help?

Angela: Sure come here for a sec and help me unload.

*as he helps her unpack*

Angela" POV: He's so close, i can practically smell his shampoo. What the hell am I thinking? Focus!

*they finish up and start to put the items in the locker*

Jace: A diary huh? *holds up small blue notebook with lock and key* Maybe I should read it. *smirks*

Angela: hey, give that back that's personal! *tres to grab it from him, but he just lifts it out of her reach*

Jace: Ok, I wont read it, but only if you promise to go out on a date with me, and not just the lunch date. *winks*

Angela: *blushes* Ok fine, just give it back!

Jace: *gives it back* So, what's your number? I'll need it so I can call you to arrange the date.

Angela: *gives him a piece of notebook paper with her name, adress, and number on it.*

*they pack it all up and he walks her to class*

Jace: See you at lunch! Bye!

*all the girls rush to her*

???: Who was that?

???: You got a seventh grader to walk you to class? Your'e soo lucky!

???:Are you dating him?

Angela:*spots someone she knows* Oy! Chelsea!

Chelsea's POV: Smoeone's calling my name, I wonder who. *looks over at Angela*

Chelsea:OMG! ANGELA!

Angela: A litte help here?

Chelsea: Girls, leave her alone!

*the girls disperse*

Chelsea: What was that all about?

Angela: I don't know, some guy was walking me to class to make it up to me because he scared me by sneaking up on me. And they were making a big deal over the fact that I was walked to class by a seventh grader.

Chelsea: Oh, I see, you free during lunch period?

Angela: as a maatter of fact, no, he's also acting as my lunch date. your'e free to join us if you want, why?

Chelsea: Oh, ok I think I will join you.


*lunch time*

Angela & Chelsea: *get lunches as they sit down at the table with Jace*

Jace: *looks up* Oh, I thought we'd be alone. *smiles* Helo, I'm Jace. *holds out hand to chelsea*

Chelsea: *takes his hand and shakes it* I'm Chelsea, nice to meets you.

Jace: *turns ro Angela* I never knew you had such sweet friends. By the way, do you need someone to walk you home? If so, I'd be happy to take my place as you personal escort.

Angela's POV: Hmm, now that I think about it, I don't know much of anything about Jace. That's only natural since it's the first day of school, but I feel as if I've known him longer than that.

Angela: Huh? Oh, that's ok, you don't have to do that.

*bell rings*

Chelsea: *whispering* It looks like it's time for class.*whispering* *turns to Jace* It was nice meeting you, but we have to go now.

Jace: I see, I'll see you later then, bye.

All through that day and that night, Angela couldn't get jace out of ther head. Was this love, or did she just think of him as an older-brotherly type of character in her life? In any case, she thought of him, and she didn't even realize it.

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