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The Eclectic Pen - Not another suicide

By: Stacy B. (stori)   + 4 more  
Date Submitted: 8/9/2008
Last Updated: 8/10/2008
Words: 1,084

  I woke up in a room. Do not know how and got here and I do not think I want to either. The first thing I see is my sister, Merlane. I walk up to her and I say ,"hi Merlane I see that you chose not to hang out with John today."
She turned around and looked at me like I was crazy. Not olny did she do that but she was also crying.
"Oh Merlane, I am so sorry. Did you break up?"
She hugged me and was crying hysterically. All she was saying was,'Why Sally why are you here. Why can you see me. You should not be here. Why oh why?'
By now i was confused. Why is she saying this. she was still hugging me as I finally looked around the room.
Oh my god. Someone died. And obviously it was making her crazy. really crazy. I was crying as I did not olny see one coffin but two. i did not understand quite clearly. Olny one person who would pass that would make Merlane absolutely crazy. Either her boyfriend John
It took at least thirty minutes to get there. At least it seemed it. When I looked inside the coffin it was not only what I least expected it to be but then the puzzle was finally pieced together and I knew who was in the other coffin. In the first coffin, lying there still and frozen and dead was......... Merlane. It was her. Which made me cry even more. I knew who was in the second coffin. it was not any one I knew. It was me. I cried more and more every second. I was dead. I had no clue waht happened. My sister was dead too. And I had NO CLUE WHAT HAPPENED.
I went to Merlane. I was screaming to her asking her what the hell happened to you? She looked at me like as if she was going to say don't you remember?
She stopped crying and started sobbing until she was finally ok.
"Let's go and I will show you." Merlane said.
"Wha-" I was starting to say but then she grabbed my arm and all of a sudden i was somewhere else. A feild. Then a 4-wheeler rode by. It was me and Merlane on it. I was telling her to go faster and faster. She did. She went faster. So fast that when we hit a bump that we went flying. Merlane pushed me off without hesitation. I had so many questions. Is this how I died? I landed on the ground and did not move. I turned to Merlane still on the flying 4-wheeler. It flipped then landed on the top her her. Crushing her. Killing her. I tried to run over to where the dead Meralne was. Merlane stopped me and said that she saw this already and it is not pretty and not to go over there that she was already dead.
I ran toward myself. Looked down and I was still breathing. I was passed out and not dead. I was unconscious as my sister slowly died.
Merlane placed her hand on my shoulder and told me that it was ok to come and see.
Suddenly I was at my house. The other me was ok and hysterical. I knew what I thought. The other me thought I killed her. I knew the other me could not handle it. I knew the other me had to get fucked up to forget. I know. The other me, I call Sally, went out the open window. I followed. Sally hitched a ride to a street I did not know. Got out the van and went up to a suspicious man that I would never have done. The man asked for money and Sally took it. He gave her drugs. And he gave her a gun. Sally left.
Merlane came up. She said that I did not want to see what happened. She placed a hand on my shoulder and took me to a different place. This one was school. I did not want to be here but i saw Sally and I followed her. Sally went to the guy i have always liked at school and told him something I could not understand. Then they made out! I can not believe this.Merlane showed up.
"This is my favorite part." She said as if she was watching a movie.
I smiled. Then Sally left and went to my male best friend, Kyle. This time I could hear what she was telling him. She told him to be as happy as he can be. To always be happy and not to be depressed. And she made him promise not to be depressed and told him she loved him now and she has always loved him. That was the truth. But then he brought Sally to the side of the wall and pinned her with both arms on the side of both of her shoulders. Merland told me not to watch so i did not. i trusted her and trusted in her. I can not believe I have to watch this. My life end. Merlanes life end. all of it.
I saw Sally walk away with Kyle chasing afer her but Sally was running fast now. I ran after her. I was angry. She ran into the girls bathroom and locked the door before the Kyle could tell the teacher what was going to happen. Sally locked herself in the bathroom and was laughing for one last time. Laughing as she heard at the door 'do not do this Sally I love you'. It was Kyle's voice.
I yelled do not Fucking do this. Do not do this. But Sally could not hear me.
She was laughing as she pulled out the gun. I could hear banging on the door outside. Laughing hysterically as she cocked it. I could not watch this. then Merlane appeared. She told me to watch and be ashamed to watch and she to FUCKING watch. I looked at Sally crying she was laughing so hard as her finger was on the trigger. i heard the door open and running but it was too late. I shut my eyes. all I heard was BAM!!!!
I opened them and Merlane was crying.
"Sally you should not be here. You are fucking stupid." She was still crying.

----------------------------------to be continued----------------

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