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Book Reviews of Apocalipstick

Author: Sue Margolis
ISBN-13: 9780385336567
ISBN-10: 038533656X
Publication Date: 1/1/2003
Pages: 320
  • Currently 3.1/5 Stars.

3.1 stars, based on 116 ratings
Publisher: Delta
Book Type: Paperback
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candieb avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 239 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 3
There are many books in the world that have changed my life, have changed my outlook on certain things, that have challenged me, my beliefs... oh hell, this isn't one of them, folks. But if you want something funny, something so incredibly silly... an easy read that's just fun... yup, this is the one...
stinasstoryspot avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 30 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 3
A decent book... The writing was well done and the characters were pretty interesting. The characters were pretty well fleshed out, especially Rebecca, the main character. I liked that you wanted to dislike the character "Lipstick" - the Rebecca's father's new fiancee, and her high school nemesis - but the more you got to know her the more you realize that she wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she wasn't the stereotypical evil stepmother that you'd expect to find. The title though is a bit on the over-dramatic side.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 8 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Okay. Little bit grapic. But a really fast read.
xserafinx avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 78 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Thirty-two-year-old Rebecca Fine wants a few changes in her life. Tired of her mindless beauty column in a weekly London magazine, she hopes to break into investigative reporting; but when her boss asks her to relinquish her work area for a desk in the corner to make way for the new golden-boy reporter, Max Stoddart, Rebecca feels as though she'll never move beyond mascara and eye-shadow commentary. As for her personal life, her overbearing grandmother won't stop setting Rebecca up on blind dates, and her father, Stan, becomes engaged to Lipstick, one of Rebecca's old schoolmates. But soon handsome Max asks Rebecca out, and a hot tip regarding fraud in the cosmetic industry sends her off to hunt for the hidden dangers behind a new skin cream. Will Rebecca fall flat on her face in skin-cream secrecy? Is Lipstick marrying Stan for his money? Is Max faithful? Margolis combines light-hearted suspense with sharp English wit and romping Benny Hill humor in this entertaining read as her heroine, like Bridget Jones, manages to survive many embarrassing situations.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 137 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
O.K., this tale was really cute. A contemporary humorous story, with a young female protagonist.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 6 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This book will keep you reading and laughing all the way to the last page. I definitely recommend it to others. A beach read and entertaining!
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 91 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This is a mix of chick-lit and mild caper with fantastical elements to add sparkle.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 33 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Cute book. Rebecca Fine is seems to get the short end of the stick. When she has a perfect opportunity things always goes haywire. Fun read
ChokolatteJedi avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 39 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Becks is just a regular English girl; she's trying to break into serious journalism, find the perfect man, avoid her crazy matchmaking Jewish grandmother, support her best friend through a post-partum marriage crisis, get to know her father's new girlfriend, and deal with an invasion of her fabulously minimalist apartament. And she wants to do it all without losing her sanity... or her lipstick.

A very fast, lite read. Sue Margolis manages to bring together elements of "The Devil Wears Prada," "Mean Girls," "Erin Brockovich," and "Dick" and wrap it all up in a dramatic, sexy, and occasionally steamy love story that is unique and engaging.
Debisbooked avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 136 more book reviews
Beauty columnist Rebecca Fine longs for love while her father and grandmother are getting dates or searching the web for them. Meanwhile, there is a scandal brewing in the cosmetics world. This is a novel about falling in love, hating your job and getting what you want out of life-without ever mussing your lipstick!
reviewed Apocalipstick on
I found this book to be very entertaining, hilarious at times.

JanieK avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 54 more book reviews
Funny! This was an easy and very fun read. Definitely going to read more that she's written.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 4 more book reviews
i LOVED this one! can't wait to read more by her.
FamFatale avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 369 more book reviews
Loved it !! Laugh out loud funny.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 234 more book reviews
The book was just ok in my humble opinion. The beginning was very slow for me and did not pick up great speed until about 2/3 through. Until the end I had decided to take any books from this author off my lists, but I think I will still give her another try. I'm not sure the title is very fitting for the story although she does write a beauty article.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 9 more book reviews
This book is worth the read. Quick and funny. I am looking for more books by this author. Recommended for women.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 10 more book reviews
just what you think - silly - good for the beach
reviewed Apocalipstick on
Interesting read almost a bit to far fetched but I still liked it.
Lissa avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 224 more book reviews
great book - laugh out loud!!!
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 21 more book reviews
Written from third person perspective in a manner that doesn't quite flow. The plot is WAY far-fetched. This book just didn't grab me.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 6 more book reviews
Many enjoyable hours reading and rereading this book.
Carwells avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 29 more book reviews
Very funny and an easy read. I bought it while on vacation and couldn't put it down. I cannot wait to read the other 3 books that Susan Margolis has written.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 129 more book reviews
Started reading it, and I just wasn't my cup of tea...I am sure it would have been very good but I have so many more wonderful books to read that I know I will love from the beginning, I would rather just repost it and let someone else get into it. :)
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 67 more book reviews
Fun read, along the lines of Bridgett Jones, if you like those books.
Brookie avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 30 more book reviews
Very easy read, quick, but still has that great chic lit feel. Not the best of the Chic Lit books by far, but great for a quick read, or someone just getting into chicklit.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 7 more book reviews
Very easy story. Looking forward to reading more by this author.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 49 more book reviews
I enjoyed this book, however it was slow to start, in my opinion. While I liked it, I enjoyed Spin Cycle more.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 59 more book reviews
a fun read in the vein of Bridgett Jones Diary.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 88 more book reviews
Funny book!
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 9 more book reviews
Very light and cute.
camhwm avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 3 more book reviews
Book was great, Author is great at portraying her characters, & they are most assuredly characters...The book is side splitting funny from the beginning to the end. I love Sue Margolis.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 153 more book reviews
very entertaining read - the characters were a right laugh and it was all wrapped up in a fairytale happy ending. The girl gets her job, her man and the story of a lifetime.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 41 more book reviews
Very Funny!
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 124 more book reviews
Pretty good read. Great book for the beach or poolside.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 54 more book reviews
Cute story.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 54 more book reviews
Brand new book, got about 10 pages in and decided I could find something else better to do. Maybe you will find it a better read!
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 12 more book reviews
Funny book!
catnip38 avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 156 more book reviews
When it comes to men, beauty columnist Rebecca Fine always seems to be on the scruffy end of the mascara wand. Then she meets Max... is he the catch of the decade - or just a major babe magnet? Meanwhile Rebecca's old high school nemesis has resurfaced, a former blonde bombshell called Lipstick who is now engaged to Rebecca's dad.
Melinda avatar reviewed Apocalipstick on + 11 more book reviews
I thought this book was really cute, although I did think that the sex scenes were unnecessary.
reviewed Apocalipstick on + 6 more book reviews
harmless british chic lit