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Topic: Army romance...

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Subject: Army romance...
Date Posted: 7/25/2007 6:38 PM ET
Member Since: 9/9/2005
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Looking for romances dealing with the Army for my neice...any help would be greatly appreciated...She's 22..Thanks...

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Date Posted: 7/26/2007 12:12 AM ET
Member Since: 7/31/2006
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come on gals! I know ya'll know every military romance ever printed! :-) you sure helped me fill MY shelf LOL!

only army related that comes to my mind is the Blaze titles by Rhonda Nelson (they're ex-rangers) 'the player' , 'the specialist' and 'the maverick'. these are from harlequn and are their 'spicier' reads though still rather short like the typical harlequins.

I know some about Seals and Air Force but hopefully someone here is familiar with Army for you!

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Date Posted: 7/26/2007 8:05 AM ET
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Date Posted: 7/26/2007 8:22 AM ET
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I think I may have one or two at home, but let me double check.  I'm at work and haven't had the oppertunity to start sorting through the container I found when we moved.

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Date Posted: 7/26/2007 11:33 AM ET
Member Since: 2/17/2007
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Date Posted: 7/26/2007 9:34 PM ET
Member Since: 9/9/2005
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Thanks a lot..I appreciate you all

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Date Posted: 7/26/2007 9:54 PM ET
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hmm..sounds like a niche to be filled! We have a few series about the navy(brockman, sandra hill, macomber) and the Air force (catherine mann, merline lovelace) what happend to the army? oh, I remember 3 but they're also ex-army rangers - lucy monroe's 'Ready',' willing', and 'and able'!! they're great stories but they're not in the military but are mercenaries though they're focused on the romance more than anything though there's some 'adventure' I guess...these are 3 favorites of mine!

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Date Posted: 7/26/2007 10:00 PM ET
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How about Don't look down by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer.

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Date Posted: 7/26/2007 10:22 PM ET
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Hmmm, Army's a tough one.  Lindsay McKenna's written a bunch of military romances but it's all Navy and Marines.

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Date Posted: 7/26/2007 11:00 PM ET
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I have Don't Look Down in my TBR pile...haven't read it though but maybe I'll move it on up the list!

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Date Posted: 7/26/2007 11:09 PM ET
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Go to and just pop the word Army into the search box.  You'll get tons of links on that site.  Some are to author biographies but some are to book descriptions that feature characters in the Army.  That should work to find some books!

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Date Posted: 7/27/2007 8:54 AM ET
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Hi, I did a search on the word army and here's what came up......It's from date published eariler to now. Sorry it's so long but I wasn't sure want she would like to read. I don't want to spend 20 mins on adding hard returns so pm you're email addy to me and I will email the list with the returns! It's 20 pages FYI


Chase, Marlene
 HSNG-6 The Other Side of Silence  CR    


Colln, Mary Louise
 HSNG-228 Falling Water Valley  HR    


Douglass, Amanda Hart
   Charlotte  HR    


Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
   Anna  HR    


LaMunyon, Jane
 HSNG-251 Escape on the Wind  HR    


Langer, Maryn
 HSNG-15 Whispers on the Wind  HR   


Leigh, Robin (1)
   Winds of Fire  HR    


Miller, Judith McCoy 
 HSNG-286 A Trusting Heart  CR    


MacLeod, Jean S.
 HR-1016 Two Paths  CR  May-1966 


Loring, Emilie
 EL-50 The Shining Years     Sep-1972 

Cartland, Barbara
 BAN-7 The Penniless Peer  RG  1974
Cartland, Barbara
 BAN-14 The Karma of Love  RG  Jan-1975
Gibbs, Mary Ann
   The Admiral's Lady  RG  1975
Gellis, Roberta
   The Sword and the Swan  HR  1977
Coulson, Juanita
   Dark Priestess  GO  Dec-1977
Murray, Julia
 MAS-11 The Notorious Lady May  HR  Jun-1978
Hagan, Patricia
   The Raging Hearts  HR  Oct-1979
Faith, Barbara
   The Moon Kissed  CR  Jan-1980
Hills, Ida
 CR-607 A Love to Remember  CR  Oct-1980
Faire, Zabrina
 WAR-23 Pretty Kitty  RG  Jan-1981
Buchan, Kate
 MAS-76 The Flame Stone  HR  Nov-1981
Stewart, Isobel
 MAS-78 Stranger in the Glen  HR  Dec-1981
Dean, Dinah
 MAS-81 The Eagle's Fate  HR  Jan-1982
Martin, Caroline
 MAS-80 Man With a Falcon  HR  Jan-1982
Devon, Anne
 SC-39 The Widow of Bath  RG  Mar-1982
Chesney, Marion
   Love and Lady Lovelace  RG  Jul-1982
Gellis, Roberta
   The Kent Heiress  HR  Nov-1982
Wentworth, Sally
 HP-557 Man for Hire  CR  Dec-1982
Blake, Stephanie
   A Glorious Passion  HR  1983
Statham, Frances Patton
   Phoenix Rising  HR  Feb-1983
Clark, Norma Lee
   The Perfect Match  HR  Sep-1983
Henley, Virginia
   Bold Conquest  HR  Oct-1983
Marten, Jacqueline
 TAP-47 French Rose  HR  Sep-1984
Bittner, Rosanne
   Arizona Bride  HR  Apr-1985
Seger, Maura
   Eye of the Storm  HR  Apr-1985
Trent, Lynda
 SD-201 The Enchantment  CR  Apr-1985
Johnson, Susan
   Sweet Love, Survive  HR  Jul-1985
Lyndell, Catherine
 TAP-68 Vows of Desire  HR  Jul-1985
Lancaster, Lisa
   Capture the Wind  HR  Aug-1985
Marten, Jacqueline
 TAP-79 Loving Longest  HR  Jan-1986
Rogers, Marylyle
 TAP-81 A Minstrel's Song  HR  Feb-1986
De Jarnette, Harriette
   Still Grow the Stars  HR  Mar-1986
Brown, Rita Mae
   High Hearts  CR  Apr-1986
Saunders, Jean
 TAP-88 Golden Destiny  HR  May-1986
Goodman, Jo
   Seaswept Abandon  HR  Sep-1986
Lynn, Karen
   The Rake  RG  Nov-1986
Meriwether, Kate
 SSE-369 Honorable Intentions  CR  Mar-1987
Graves, Keller
   Rapture's Gamble  HR  Apr-1987
Bittner, Rosanne
   Frontier Fires  HR  Jun-1987
Lacey, Anne
 SSE-395 Treasures of the Heart  CR  Jul-1987
Marten, Jacqueline
   To Pluck a Rose  HR  Aug-1987
Shaw, Linda
 SSE-403 Santiago Heat  CR  Sep-1987
Orwig, Sara
   Sweet Desire  HR  Apr-1988
Chase, Elaine Raco
   Dark Corners  RS  Jul-1988
Hanchar, Peggy
   Tender Betrayal  HR  Oct-1988
Edwards, Cassie
 HH-17 A Gentle Passion  HR  Mar-1989
Vaughan, Vivian
   Sweet Texas Nights  HR  Mar-1989
Potter, Patricia
 HH-26 Seize the Fire  HR  Jul-1989
Wolf, Joan
   Born of the Sun  HR  Jul-1989
Rogers, Marylyle
   Hidden Hearts  HR  Sep-1989
Lynn, Ann
   Slave of My Heart  HR  Jan-1990
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
   The Campaigners  HR  1990
Lawrence, Terry
 LS-399 The Outsider  CR  May-1990
Mayer, Suzanne
 HI-139 In for Life  RS  Jun-1990
Thomas, Jodi
   Northern Star  HR  Oct-1990
Chenier, Blanche
 HRE-37 The Wayward Heiress  RG  Nov-1990
McKenna, Lindsay
 HH-71 Sun Woman  HR  Apr-1991
Michaels, Fern
   For All Their Lives  CR  Sep-1991
Windsor, Linda
   Texas Lovestorm  HR  Oct-1991
Wiggs, Susan
   The Raven and the Rose  HR  Nov-1991
Thomas, Jodi
   Prairie Song  HR  Feb-1992
Dorsey, Christine
   Kansas Kiss  HR  Mar-1992
Gerritsen, Tess
 HI-181 Never Say Die  RS  Mar-1992
Pappano, Marilyn
 SIM-424 Operation Homefront  CR  Mar-1992
Robinson, Diane Gates
   The Falcon and the Swan  HR  Mar-1992
Crosby, Tanya Anne
   Angel of Fire  HR  Apr-1992
Graham, Heather
   And One Wore Gray  HR  Apr-1992
Lindsey, Terri
 SR-865 Going My Way  CR  May-1992
McKenna, Lindsay
 HH-125 King of Swords  HR  May-1992
Knight-Jenkins, Vivian
   Passion's Timeless Hour  TT  Jul-1992
Keller, Barbara
   Heartbreak Trail  HR  Sep-1992
Adams, Pepper
 SR-897 Wake Up, Little Susie  CR  Oct-1992
Bennett, Constance
   Moonsong  HR  Nov-1992
Bocardo, Claire
 AN-80 A Patchwork Holiday  CR  Nov-1992
Graham, Heather
   And One Rode West  HR  Nov-1992
Copeland, Lori
   Promise Me Today  HR  Dec-1992
Putney, Mary Jo
   Veils of Silk  HR  Dec-1992
Pappano, Marilyn
 SIM-469 No Retreat  CR  Jan-1993
Bittner, Rosanne
   Shameless  HR  Feb-1993
Thomas, Jodi
 AN-212 In a Heartbeat  HR  Feb-1993
Macomber, Debbie
 AN-229 The Apartment  CR  May-1993
Miller, Linda Lael
   Yankee Wife  HR  Jun-1993
Bonds, Parris Afton
   The Captive  HR  Sep-1993
Copeland, Lori
   Promise Me Tomorrow  HR  Sep-1993
Cummings, Monette
   Crossed Hearts  RG  Oct-1993
Douglass, Jessica
   Angel of Fire  HR  Jan-1994
Jackson, Lisa
 SSE-866 He's My Soldier Boy  CR  Feb-1994
Llywelyn, Morgan
   Finn MacCool     Mar-1994
Rogers, Evelyn
   Flame  HR  Mar-1994
Crawford, Elaine
   Love So Wild  HR  Apr-1994
Fetzer, Amy J.
   Thunder in the Heart  HR  Apr-1994
Becnel, Rexanne
   Where Magic Dwells  HR  Jun-1994
Hudson, Janis Reams
   Apache Legacy  HR  Jun-1994
Moore, Kate
   The Mercenary Major  RG  Jun-1994
Ryan, Nan
   Love Me Tonight  HR  Aug-1994
Byers, Cordia
   Midnight Surrender  HR  Oct-1994
Gillgannon, Mary
   Dragon of the Island  HR  Nov-1994
Korbel, Kathleen
 SIM-602 A Soldier's Heart  CR  Nov-1994
Malek, Doreen Owens
 AN-27 Apache Snow  HR  Nov-1994
Campbell, Marilyn
   Worlds Apart  FR  Dec-1994
Coulter, Catherine
   The Nightingale Legacy  HR  Dec-1994
Davidson, Sandra
   One Shining Moment  HR  Jan-1995
Ellis, Delia
   Painted Lady  RG  Jan-1995
Burnham, Janelle
 HSNG-139 Winding Highway  HR  1995
Chandler, Robin
 HSNG-131 Love in the Prairie Wilds  HR  1995
Stuart, Anne
 HAR-573 The Soldier & the Baby  CR  Mar-1995
Hix, Martha
   River Magic  HR  Apr-1995
Fox, Roz Denny
 HS-649 Major Attraction  CR  Jun-1995
Lindsey, Dawn
   An English Alliance  RG  Aug-1995
Dailey, Janet
   Legacies  HR  Sep-1995
Biggs, Cheryl
   Hearts Defiant  HR  Oct-1995
Bittner, Rosanne
   Chase the Sun  HR  Oct-1995
Kane, Andrea
   Emerald Garden  HR  Jan-1996
Jones, Marti
   A Love Through Time  TT  1996
Dorsey, Christine
   Splendor  HR  Feb-1996
Munn, Vella
   Spirit of the Eagle  HR  Feb-1996
O'Donnell, Laurel
   The Angel and the Prince  HR  Mar-1996
Chesney, Marion
   The Deception  RG  Apr-1996
Harrington, Kathleen
   Dream Catcher  HR  May-1996
McGoldrick, May
   Angel of Skye  HR  May-1996
Cates, Kimberly
   Gather the Stars  HR  Jun-1996
Goodman, Jo
   Only In My Arms  HR  Oct-1996
Austell, Diane
   While the Music Plays  HR  Nov-1996
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
   The Winter Journey  HR  1997
Goodger, Jane
   Memories of You  TT  Feb-1997
Kingsley, Kate
 HH-354 The Scout's Bride  HR  Feb-1997
Jarrett, Miranda
 HH-363 The Secrets of Catie Hazard  HR  May-1997
Monk, Karyn
   Once A Warrior  HR  May-1997
Edwards, Cassie
   White Fire  HR  Jun-1997
Piel, Stobie
   A Brighter Dawn  HR  Jun-1997
Wind, Ruth
 SIM-796 Reckless  CR  Jul-1997
Lovelace, Merline
   Duty and Dishonor  RS  Oct-1997
Grant, Tracy
   Shores of Desire  HR  Nov-1997
Dalton, Emily
 HAR-706 Marley and Her Scrooge  CR  Dec-1997
Martin, Deborah
   Creole Bride  HR  Dec-1997
Dickson, Helen
 HHS-2 An Unpredictable Bride  HR  1998
Collins, Laurel
   Patchwork Angel  HR  Mar-1998
Garnett, Juliana
   The Vow  HR  Mar-1998
DeVries, Laura
   Promise Me  HR  May-1998
Helton, Venita
   Diamond  HR  Sep-1998
Savery, Jeanne
   A Lady's Proposal  RG  Sep-1998
Girard, Paula Tanner
   The Sister Season  RG  Oct-1998
Ellis, Monique
 AN-300 The Year Father Christmas Came Calling  RG  Dec-1998
Girard, Paula Tanner
 AN-300 Lady Emelia's Christmas Party  RG  Dec-1998
Holden, Alice
 AN-300 Beneath the Mistletoe  RG  Dec-1998
Barbieri, Elaine
   Eagle  HR  Jan-1999
Graham, Heather
   Glory  HR  Feb-1999
Hunt, Angela Elwell
   The Velvet Shadow  HR  Feb-1999
Ashtree, Elizabeth
 HS-828 An Officer and a Hero  CR  Mar-1999
Chapman, Muncy
 HSNG-319 Margaret's Quest  HR  Mar-1999
Vaughan, Vivian
   Chance of a Lifetime  HR  Mar-1999
Faulkner, Colleen
   If You Were Mine  HR  Apr-1999
Henry, Jill
 PRGH-28 Jonah's Bride  HR  Jun-1999
Abe, Shana
   The Truelove Bride  HR  Jul-1999
Hanlon, Julia
   My Irish Enchantress  TT  Aug-1999
O'Banyon, Constance
   San Antonio Rose  HR  Sep-1999
Heath, Sandra
   The Magic Jack-O'-Lantern  RG  Oct-1999
Gray, Megan
   Once a Rogue  HR  Dec-1999
Miller, Barbara J.
   Dearest Max  HR  Feb-2000
Purcell, Bonnie
 PRG-252 The Man For Me  CR  Feb-2000
Hanlon, Julia
   Mine for All Time  FR  Mar-2000
Kirkland, Martha
   Miss Maitland's Letters  RG  Mar-2000
Limber, Jill
   Come What May  HR  Mar-2000
Chambers, Ginger
 HS-907 Hidden in Texas  CR  Apr-2000
Mascle, Deanna
   Moon Hunter  HR  Jun-2000
Bellacera, Carole
   Spotlight  RS  Jul-2000
Ferguson, Jo Ann
 PRGH-68 Lady Captain  HR  Jul-2000
Madison, Carolyn
   The Scotsman and the Spinster  RG  Jul-2000
Stengl, Jill
 HSNG-387 Grant Me Mercy  HR  Jul-2000
Pickens, Andrea
   The Major's Mistake  RG  Aug-2000
Stephens, Jackie
   Wild and Free  HR  Aug-2000
Coble, Colleen
 HSNG-395 To Love A Stranger  HR  Sep-2000
Kent, Lynnette
 HS-938 Matt's Family  CR  Sep-2000
Miller, Barbara J.
   My Phillipe  HR  Oct-2000
Buck, Gayle
   Belle's Beau  RG  Dec-2000
Riley, Eugenia
   Embers of Time  TT  Dec-2000
Everett, Corinne
   Loving Lily  HR  Feb-2001
Farrier, Nancy
 HSNG-415 Sonoran Sunrise  HR  Feb-2001
Schroeder, Martha
   More Than a Dream  HR  Feb-2001
Sterling, Cynthia
   A Husband by Law  HR  Mar-2001
Waide, Peggy
   Mightier Than the Sword  HR  Mar-2001
Jensen, Emma
   Fallen  HR  Apr-2001
Barnett, Jill
   Sentimental Journey  HR  Jun-2001
Simons, Paullina
   The Bronze Horseman     Jun-2001
Jarrett, Miranda
   The Very Daring Duchess  HR  Aug-2001
McCabe, Amanda
   The Spanish Bride  RG  Aug-2001
Mignerey, Sharon
 SIM-1098 Too Close for Comfort  CR  Aug-2001
Bradley, Shelley
   A Christmas Promise  HR  Oct-2001
Macomber, Debbie
   Buffalo Valley  CR  Oct-2001
Gabaldon, Diana
   The Fiery Cross  TT  Nov-2001

Southwick, Teresa
 SR-1560 If You Don't Know by Now  CR  Dec-2001
Ashtree, Elizabeth
 HS-1036 The Colonel and the Kid  CR  Jan-2002
Hunter, Madeline
   Lord of a Thousand Nights  HR  Jan-2002
Jensen, Emma
   Moonlit  HR  Jan-2002
Alers, Rochelle
   No Compromise  CR  Feb-2002
Kihlstrom, April
   The Soldier's Bride  RG  Feb-2002
McKenna, Lindsay
   Destiny's Woman  CR  Mar-2002
Lane, Allison
   The Purloined Papers  RG  Apr-2002
Reavis, Cheryl
 HH-603 The Bride Fair  HR  Apr-2002
Ryan, Nan
   The Scandalous Miss Howard  HR  Apr-2002
St. John, Tina
   Black Lion's Bride  HR  May-2002
Donnelly, Shannon
 AN-554 Border Bride  RG  Jun-2002
Ellis, Virginia
   The Wedding Dress  HR  Jun-2002
Flynn, Christine
 SSE-1471 Royal Protocol  CR  Jun-2002
Sparks, Kerrelyn
   For Love or Country  HR  Jun-2002
Donovan, Nikki
   No Surrender  HR  Jul-2002
Renken, Laura
   Heart of the Condor  HR  Jul-2002
Landis, Jill Marie
   Magnolia Creek  HR  Aug-2002
Palfrey, Evelyn
   Everything In Its Place  CR  Aug-2002
Christenberry, Judy
 AN-571 A Colton Family Christmas  CR  Oct-2002
Irvin, Candace
 SIM-1179 Crossing the Line  CR  Oct-2002
Turner, Linda
 AN-571 A Colton Family Christmas  CR  Oct-2002
Zane, Carolyn
 AN-571 A Colton Family Christmas  CR  Oct-2002
Ali, Thalassa
   A Singular Hostage     Dec-2002
Seymour, Ana
   Maid of Killarney  HR  Dec-2002
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E.
   The Reluctant Suitor     Mar-2003
Lyons, Judith
 SSE-1547 Alaskan Nights  CR  Jun-2003
Halliday, Candy
 HD-103 Are Men From Mars?  CR  Jul-2003
Moon, Marliss
   By Starlight  HR  Jul-2003
Hall, Jessica
   The Kissing Blades  RS  Aug-2003
Shattuck, Shari
   Loaded  CR  Aug-2003
Cozzens, Tracy
   A Fifth Avenue Affair  HR  Sep-2003
Banning, Lynna
 HH-682 The Scout  HR  Nov-2003
Feehan, Christine
   The Twilight Before Christmas  FR  Nov-2003
Lovelace, Merline
 SIM-1255 A Question of Intent  CR  Nov-2003
Finch, Carol
 HH-686 Oklahoma Bride  HR  Dec-2003
Johnson, Susan
   Pure Silk  HR  Jan-2004
Marshall, Paula
 HHS-133 Rinaldi's Revenge  HR  Feb-2004
Huntington, Kate
   The General's Daughter  RG  Apr-2004
Henderson, Beth
   At Twilight  HR  Jun-2004
McKade, Maureen
   To Find You Again  HR  Jul-2004
Conway, Madeleine
   The Errant Earl  RG  Aug-2004
Crandall, Susan
   Magnolia Sky  CR  Aug-2004
O'Connell, Tyne
 RDI- The Sex Was Great But…  CR  Aug-2004
Wolf, Joan
   White Horses  HR  Aug-2004
Manuel, Lisa
   Mostly Mayhem  HR  Sep-2004
Grant, Laurie
   Midnight Satin  HR  Nov-2004
Huntington, Kate
   A Hero's Homecoming  RG  Nov-2004
McKade, Maureen
   Arouse Suspicion  RS  Nov-2004
Sala, Sharon
   Missing  RS  Nov-2004
Counts, Wilma
   The Lady and the Footman  RG  Dec-2004
Yardley, Cathy
 RDI- Couch World  CR  Jan-2005
Black, Jaid
 AN-747 Hunter's Right  CR  Feb-2005
de la Cruz, Melissa
   Fresh Off the Boat     Apr-2005
Dees, Cindy
 SBO-42 Target  CR  May-2005
Lovelace, Merline
   The Last Bullet  RS  Jun-2005
Sawyer, Cheryl
   The Chase  HR  Jun-2005
Monroe, Lucy
   Ready  RS  Jul-2005
Landon, Juliet
 HH-766 The Bought Bride  HR  Aug-2005
Whiteside, Diane
 AN-776 The Seduction of Mrs. Rutledge  HR  Aug-2005
Alexander, Carly
 AN-791 Single White Witch  FR  Sep-2005
Castell, Dianne
 HAR-1088 A Fabulous Husband  CR  Oct-2005
Pappano, Marilyn
 SIM-1391 The Bluest Eyes In Texas  CR  Nov-2005
Dermody, Cate
 SBO-71 The Cardinal Rule  RS  Dec-2005
Gregory, Philippa
   The Constant Princess  HR  Dec-2005
Southwick, Teresa
 SR-1799 That Touch Of Pink  CR  Jan-2006
Cross, Caroline
 SD-1706 Tempt Me  CR  Feb-2006
Montana, Lynn
   Running for Cover  RS  Mar-2006
Cote, Lyn
   Carly     Apr-2006
Gerard, Cindy
   Over the Line  RS  Jun-2006
Maclay, Charlotte
   Make No Promises  RS  Jun-2006
Andrews, Amy
 HMED-261 Mission: Mountain Rescue  CR  Jul-2006
Hooper, Kay
   Sleeping with Fear  RS  Jul-2006
Wilson, Gayle
   The Inquisitor  RS  Jul-2006
Collins, Colleen
 AN-1692 Three Wishes  CR  Oct-2006
Gould, Leslie
   Scrap Everything  CR  Oct-2006
Kendall, Karen
 AN-1692 Frame By Frame  CR  Oct-2006
Morsi, Pamela
 AN-1692 The Panty Raid  CR  Oct-2006
Roberts, Nora
   Dance of the Gods  FR  Oct-2006
Donati, Sara
   Queen of Swords  HR  Nov-2006
Ryan, Nan
   Dearest Enemy  HR  Nov-2006
Gray, R. Garland
   Fey Born  FR  Dec-2006
Allen, Harper
 SBO-123 Dead Is The New Black  RS  Jan-2007
Lacy, Al; Lacy, Joanna
   The Land of Promise  HR  Feb-2007
Morris, Gilbert
   The White Knight     Feb-2007
Alexander, Carrie
 HS-1408 A Ready-Made Family  CR  Mar-2007
Ashbless, Janine
   Burning Bright     Mar-2007
Albert, Michele
   Tough Enough  RS  Apr-2007
Fenady, Andrew J.
   Big Ike     Apr-2007
James, Elle
 HI-987 Cowboy Sanctuary  RS  May-2007
Perry, Marta
 LI-396 A Soldier's Heart  CR  May-2007
Beverley, Jo
   Lady Beware  HR  Jun-2007
Gleason, Colleen
   Rises The Night  FR  Jun-2007
Pickens, Andrea
   The Spy Wore Silk  HR  Jun-2007
Morren, Ruth Axtell
   The Healing Season     Jul-2007
Davids, Patricia
 LI-409 The Color Of Courage     Aug-2007
Mittman, Stevi
 HN-89 Whose Number Is Up, Anyway?     Aug-2007
Teglia, Charlene
   Wild Wild West     Aug-2007


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Sigh....i hit submit not back to top not a morning person. LOL

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Wow..Trice, you did me a big favor, and I copied all of these responses for my neice...Now, if she doesn't find anything good in this, then she's on her own...Thanks so much...what a bunch...

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Debbie Macomber's Navy Series is REALLY good!

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