Book Reviews of Ashes of Midnight (Midnight Breed, Bk 6)

Ashes of Midnight (Midnight Breed, Bk 6)
Ashes of Midnight - Midnight Breed, Bk 6
Author: Lara Adrian
PBS Market Price: $8.09 or $4.19+1 credit
ISBN-13: 9780440244509
ISBN-10: 0440244501
Publication Date: 5/19/2009
Pages: 384
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 380 ratings
Publisher: Dell
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 5
After finishing Veil of Midnight and thoroughly enjoying it, I was looking forward to reading Ashes of Midnight. However, I thought it was astoundingly bad. It was so bad, that I consider it to be the worst book I've finished so far this year. There was no saving grace to this story at all. Claire had to be dumbest person alive. The things she said and did were absolutely ridiculous. I mean, seriously, her mate had everyone in Andrea's Darkhaven murdered and she couldn't seem to grasp why he might want revenge. I'm sad to say that Andreas wasn't much better. He was so consumed by his rage, he couldn't see anything else. Their romance was anemic and there was way too much angst going on, especially concerning Andrea's ability. The storyline did progress, but I stopped caring. I highly doubt I will continue with this series as I no longer have any interest in what happens in Adrian's world.
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Helpful Score: 4
As we know from the end of the last book, every man, woman and child in the hero's Darkhaven has been wiped out. This book is about Andreas' journey of revenge and personal destruction. Along the way he finds Claire his lost love [and wife of William Roth, the man who gave the order for the destruction.] The h/h and the action move to Boston and the Order uses the heroine's abilities to track down Roth and his ally Dragos [the chief villain that the Order has been pursuing for several books].

The latest Midnight Breed book is a good read, but will never be my favorite in the series. I personally don't care for plots where the 'jump start' for the story requires the death of friends/family so the hero is sufficiently motivated to destroy the bad guys. It works but it reads too much like the evening news... On the other hand, Lara Adrian has done her usual fine job of making us care for the characters and drawing us along through the story - for me it was a page turner, but probably won't be re-read often.

Order really matters in this series...

Midnight Breed
1. A Kiss of Midnight (2007)
2. Kiss of Crimson (2007)
3. Midnight Awakening (2007)
4. Midnight Rising (2008)
5. Veil of Midnight (2008)
6. Ashes of Midnight (2009)
7. Shades of Midnight (2010)
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Helpful Score: 2
I am still enjoying this series immensely, and I am now going to have a long wait until the next release in early 2010. This is the story of Andreas Reichen, not one of the Order, but a trusted friend and ally who has helped them fight against the continuing war against Dragos. It is revealed why Wilhelm Roth despised Reichen so much, and why he set out to destroy Reichen and take everything from him, including the love of his life, Claire. The series is really moving along at a nice pace, and the book ends with you definitely wanting to find out more. A definite cliff hanger in my opinion!
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Helpful Score: 2
Such a disappointment!!!!! I pre-ordered this book because I liked Andreas in the previous books and couldn't wait to read his story, which turned out to be very predictable and boring, he seemed so different from the character we got to know. The only good things is the orders and knowing more about Dragos, and the interaction of the other couples.
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The only reason I gave it 2 1/2 stars was because the Drago plot and the others kept me reading. I read the first two of the series and I have a similar problem with this book. The main characters are inconsistent. The book tells you the characters are one way but the way they acted are complete opposites. Claire is supposed to be self-sufficient but almost everything she does shows she is not. Claire has to be the dumbest woman in the world. She has no faith whatsoever when it comes to Andre. I don't know how Andre can stand having Claire second guess him all the time. Andre goes back and forth from being an idiot to being righteous. And what's the deal with "boo-hoo Claire is not really mine but I've bind myself to her and we share everything else together" attitude? Seriously, if Andre and Claire would have died at the end I wouldn't shed a tear. I do love the side characters. And that was how it was with the first two books as well. Iwished more time was spent with the side characters.

Like the other two books, it's an okay read if you have nothing else to do. The only saving grace is really the bigger plot and the others. Hope when the side characters get their own books, they don't turn into idiots as well.
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Did not care for this one. If you like this series, it is worth the read. I loved this series for the first four books, but felt a little disappointed with book five, and did not care for this one at all
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too mushy
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Good, but not quite as good as some of the others.
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It was very hard to like Andreas in the beginning but he did eventually grow on me. His entire family was slaughtered by Wilhelm Roth and his vengeance was mighty. I liked Claire Roth immediately and felt sorry for her being stuck with a mate who wasn't a "bond mate". Luckily she didn't have much interaction with Roth. Andreas and Claire's reunion was painful for both of them and hard to read.

The continued search for Dragos seems never ending but I guess that is the point of a series - one bad guy uniting a mess of characters for subsequent books. I did enjoy this book but Andreas and Claire aren't my favorite characters in this series.
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This has been my favorite book in this series yet! I loved it so much. When I first read the cover I was disapointed that it was not about a member of the Order but shortly into it fell in love with Reichen all over again.
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Nice addition to the series about Andreas and Claire.
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Even as the flames consumed his dark form, she still recognized him. She could never forget his eyes when they looked upon her filled with love all those years ago.

Claire Roth is the Breedmate of Wilhem Roth. There is no love between them and they live almost separate lives. The only time they are together is when they must gather their strength by sharing blood. Claire and Andreas used to be lovers until one day he left her without a word. Therefore, she is stunned when he initiates an attack at her country home killing everyone but her. She denies all of Andreas's accusations about her husband, but cannot stop the feelings resurfacing in her heart. She still loves Andreas, even if he fiery form scares her.

Andreas Reichen lost almost everything he cared about three months ago. Someone had his Breed brethen destroyed, women, men and children and he has vowed himself to a path of destruction. He will not stop until the man responsible for his loss is dead. Wilhelm Roth left Andreas for dead thirty years ago, chained and left in an open field to face the sun. What happened to Andreas instead of death was far more horrific. He somehow impossibly garned the ability of fire. Now, he uses his unique ability to hunt Roth.

Even though Andreas still loves Claire, he pushes her away. He is scared that she will be harmed by his fiery form. But their love won't be denied, and they are soon scorching up the sheets. But when Andrea explains to Claire that he is still going to kill her husband, she begs him to retreat from his mission. She is afraid her husband will kill him and she does not want to live without him. But Andreas won't be denied his revenge, even if he has to use Claire's blood bond to Wilhem as a pawn to get it.

Lara Adrian has spun her web and ensnared me once again. Pumped full of action, lava hot seduction, and compelling characters, ASHES OF MIDNIGHT (MIDNIGHT BREED, BOOK SIX) is a sure-hit winner! Paranormal Romance fans won't be disappointed as these handsome Alpha's take us on a thrilling ride. I want one for my own!!
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I have enjoyed the series so far and Lara has not dissappointed with this book. She gave readers a overview of the previous characters from the books previous to this one. This book has you awaiting the next chapter in this adventure and I cannot wait. I do reccomend you try and read in order, if possible. Overall good book.
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I have had this book on my TBR pile for a while now. I have been a fan of the series and was excited to read it, but based on some of the reviews on this site, I put it off. The reviews were mixed of either liking or disliking the book. I found that although it was not the best book of the series, it was good.

The main characters in this installment are Andreas and Claire, who had been lovers about 30 years ago, but because of some issue, their relationship ended. Both moving on - Claire bonded and became a mate to another male, while Andreas took on other lovers - neither one of them ever forgetting the other.

This book is filled with romance/sex, action and intrigue. Adrian does a great job intertwining the book plot with the series plot and both move along nicely (as well as mingling new and old characters to enrich the story).

I recommend this book and the series. I cannot wait for the next book to come out.
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I was ready to give up on this series but this book was really quite good. The focus is on Andreas' pain. As he and Claire seek to destroy evil, they are reconciled. If you like J.R. Ward, I think you will enjoy Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series.
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another great one by adrian, Andre's story. worth the read.
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A must read for the series. I was happy to see a different side of Andreas. We meet Claire, Andreas's only love in the installment. It kept me interested but I tended to skim through the Dragos parts from the middle of the book. They were somewhat boring. Plus he was not the main villain in this book anyway. Roth, Clair's psycho breedmate was the main obstacle.

This is a good in-between book to read, when you are looking for something easy, and adult to finish.
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I absolutly love this series.
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Love the series
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Lara writes that are out of the park fabulous!