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The Eclectic Pen - Beauty Is...

By: Abby M. (smileyabby1800)   + 5 more  
Date Submitted: 9/30/2009
Last Updated: 10/2/2009
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting » Beauty, Grooming, & Style
Words: 159

  Hi! This is my rough draft for a poem titled Beauty Is... Please tell me what you think...I'm not lovin' the "yes please!" part Any suggestions?

Beauty is a smile
Creepin' across a face,
Beauty is enjoying life
Slowing down your pace,
Beauty is sunflowers
Swayin' in the wind,
Beauty is that crazy chick
AKA your best friend,
Beauty is painted toenails
In the lush green grass,
Beauty is a public park
With a sassafras,
Beauty is catching the eye
Of the one you love,
Beauty is that rare peace
That makes you think of a dove,
Beauty is a holiday
With your family,
Beauty is knowing the Lord
Loves you and me,
Beauty is a baby smiling
Without any teeth,
Beauty is crawling in bed
And feeling the cool sheet,
Beauty is an old swingset
That reminds you of your past,
Beauty is a kind soul
Accepting an outcast,
Beauty is the view
From a mountain peek,
Beauty is a casual game
Of hide-and-go-seek,
Beauty is good manners
Saying, "Yes please!",
Beauty is a "Bless You"
Right after you sneeze,
Beauty is this big green Earth
That we call home,
Beauty is everywhere
Just look around!

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Jesse (EddyKrueger) - 9/30/2009 10:35 PM ET
I loved it Abby. Very sweet.
Caroline T. (carcarbball) - 10/1/2009 12:22 PM ET
awh i loved itt sooo much!
Laura B. (Lbrownblack) - - 10/10/2009 1:50 PM ET
Beautiful! You might like the story I just posted. your poem reminds me of it: My Yard is My Therapy. I would love to know what you think! BTW, I love the good manners saying "yes, please!" It makes me think of the first few times I heard my children using their manners and the surprise, amazement and awe I felt, and, still often do, although they are pretty good about it, now at ages 4 and 6, but it is still beautiful!
Comments 1 to 3 of 3