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The Eclectic Pen - So it begins

By: Tally R.   + 15 more  
Date Submitted: 6/15/2010
Last Updated: 6/16/2010
Words: 787

  -I don't even want to know how many mistakes are in this... please ignore them :) -

Jared lazily found himself making his way into the apartment. Up the stairs and down the hall, Jared saw the door open. Rolling his eyes he thought, well, Gray is here! Sliding his messenger bag off his shoulder he stepped into the room. Then he dropped the bag to the floor and slumped on the couch.
Gray waked in from his room, with a large serving of apple pie on a smooth white plate, "Bad day?" he asked, pushing some pie into his mouth.
"I work with idiots," said Jared glumly. Working as a bartender at a family resturant was not at all what Jared thought to be annoying. All the people to see, all the things to hear; how on earth could a job like that be so boring? But it was, yet also it payed for him to get into school, and he made good money.
"What kind of idiots?" asked Gray, with a teasing voice.
"Stupid ones." Jared responed standing up, "So what's up with you and Lacey?" he asked, opening the fridge and grabbing the case of apple pie. As he cut some pie when he heard Gray shrug.
"She's going through some emotional thing." then he scoffed, "Girls." Jared stared long and hard at the piece of pie he has slipped on his plate. Through expirience, he knew girls could be emotional, but he also knew there was always a reason.
"What for?" Jared asked, his natural curiosity overcoming him.
"What for what?" Gray murmered, his mouth full.
"Like, why is Lacey sad? Or, having an emotional 'thing'?"
"Oh, well, I dunno. Something about milkshakes or her mom or something."
"Wow," said Jared, smiling sarcasticly, "You have to pay attention better."
"Me?" Cried Gray, "What does that pie say on it?" Jared to a closer look at the pie container. Grays Pie!! it said in big bold letters on a paper taped to the front. Jared took a large bite from his piece, "Roomates," he said, and walked back over to the couch.
Once he swallowed he added, "Lacey has a reason. Girls always have a reason. Sometimes people don't see what is right in front of them."
"That explains your blindness." Gray bellowed lightly, pointing to Jared's pie. Jared chuckled and ate.

The next morning, the sun sent beams through Jareds window to wake him up. He quickly roused, dressed, and ate. Then, he was out the door and off to work.
Unlocking the door, he helped his workmates clean and prepare for a day full of orders, chaos, and craze, and as soon as the doors opened to the popular resturant, people bagan to mill in.
Up at his counter, Jared somewhat happily took orders and filled them. He felt beaming, like something good was going to happen, he could feel it.
More and more people began to fill the resturant. Jared was on a writing spree, when seddenly his boss, Mr. Roth, pulled him aside.
"Anything I can help you with?" Jared asked.
Mr.Roth's face looked swollen, "Alan just quit." he said. Jared's heart sunk, what now? he thought.
"I'm promoting you to manager," Roth added.
"What?" Jared looked up suddenly, "What?" he repeated.
"Yeah, but keep it on the down-low. I'm gonna break it to everyone at closing time-"
Jared smiled, standing straighter, "So should I just go back, and-"
"Yes, off you go,"
Jared completed his works for his first two hours with no problem in any way. He felt like he could run across the world without breaking a sweat. His steps became lighter, and his face looked happier. When he got back to his counter after clearing a table a girl was sitting up, sipping some water and gazing around.
"Can I help you?" Jared asked. The girl looked up, her eyebrows raised. She had radiant blue eyes, and amzingly beautiful golden curls pinned up to the back of her head, and steadily falling around her shoulders.
"No thank you," she smiled and looked back down. She was working on a paper, which Jared noticed was sketch of inside the resturant. There was Jared, also in the picture, carrying sevral plates back to the kitchen. It was unmistakeable, as though looking into a mirror.
"Thats really good," said Jared pointing.
"Oh," she looked up and blushed, thier eyes locked.
"Hi I'm Jared," Jared smiled and extended his hand for a friendly shake.
She smiled and happily she took it, "I'm Christina."

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Michal W. (Princess101) - 6/15/2010 9:07 AM ET
That is awesome! you have to make a sequel! do it! THAT WAS REALLY GOOD! nice ending too. i like it.
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