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The Eclectic Pen - Behind the Blinds

By: Patricia K. (patty1248)  
Date Submitted: 7/1/2009
Last Updated: 7/1/2009
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs » Family & Childhood
Words: 492

  Behind the Blinds by Patricia Kasey

As Tracey walked up the sidewalk her mind was not focused on the task ahead but the fact that she was drafted to be the escape goat in this drama. She did not mind that all monies were to go to her favorite charity, what she minded was that Linda her best friend in the world had tricked her into going out on this fool’s errand. Linda was the one person in her little group who always could be counted on for charity work, but this day Linda had laid a guilt trip on her, saying she was sick and the work had to go on and her only friend was the one she trusted.

Tracey shook her head, and thought I’d better get this over with, and next time she just wouldn’t go by to see Linda when she’s sick. Out of the corner of her right eye Tracey glimpse the movement of the blinds, no one in their right mind peeks out of curtains anymore she thought, let this be over with please, she let run through her mind.

Tracey knocked hard and loud, while she had the courage, her memorized speech on her lips ready to spur forth, slowly the door handle turned and she was looking into the eyes of a most pitiful sight she had ever seen, a woman child or was it a child who needed help herself, what Tracey had come for mattered little for her heart was struck with such pain, her breathe came short and pierced, her mind cried out what?

She was one those self-centered people, whose life had been handed to them on a silver spoon, she had never come across anyone outside of her circle like this, i need to open my mouth she thought, but what do i say, give to charity, this wretch creature need to be given too. The girl looked to be about thirteen, hair unkempt, face dirty and pregnant, the one thing she had going for her was the smile that she greeted this stranger with.

Tracey found herself back sitting in her car, with three one dollars bills in hand wondering how she had come by this money, it was like an dream she walked through barely aware she has asked that child-woman for her last few dollars.

tracey thought what kind of person am I the child had the look of not eating for days,
eyes bright and watery, cheeks shallow and pink.

the money burned her hands the pain went through to her soul, had never expected to meet
anyone like that, all that kind of people lived in poor countries, not where she lived.

she panicked and opened the door, thinking i must give this back, but hestitated fearful
of looking into those sorrowful eyes, something inside of her said, you must do something,
so tracey drove away with tears running down her cheeks, she didnot know what to do.

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