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The Eclectic Pen - My Bestest of the Best

By: Karen D. (Kraduate)   + 3 more  
Date Submitted: 12/29/2008
Genre: Romance
Words: 103

  My best dreams are my worst nightmares that never came true

My best moments are those spent missing you

My best prayers are the ones that God lets me answer on my own

My best conversations aren't had on the phone

My best bad times have made me who I am today

My best good times are with me to stay

My best writing is wrought with raw pain

My best happy feelings still have emotional strain

My best crying fits are moments I treasure

My best realization is without pain there's no pleasure

My best time on this earth is insignificant it's true

My best moments are those spent missing you

2008 Karen Duryea

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sly-mold - 6/18/2011 5:46 PM ET
I like this. But if you use a scope, you probably won't miss as often.
Comments 1 to 1 of 1