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The Eclectic Pen - The In Between

By: Danielle P.   + 4 more  
Date Submitted: 8/18/2010
Last Updated: 8/20/2010
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting » Death & Grief
Words: 513

  I think I have this in the right category... if you don't think it is, please tell me.

Death shall whisper in my ear. It will place its hands upon me. Caressing my body, making it cold. Then will I receive Death's kiss, feel it stealing my breathe from my lungs and stopping my heart from beating. And I, with blurring eyes shall look Death in its lifeless eyes, as every-thing leaves my senses. Then with unseeing eyes, I shall stare as Death leads me into the light, where there is warmth again in me, but my heart is not beating, no blood in my veins, nor am I breathing.
I shall hear Angels singing, 'O Death bringeth those worthy to live again.' I shall see with new eyes, 'Heaven', where every-thing is as it should be, and there is peace and comfort in my heart. Warmth and longing flows through me, and I shall look upon the glorious garden of Heaven, the grape vines with their grapes, apple trees with their apples, strawberries, all fruits and vegetables, but I will feel no hunger or thirst or pain.
In the corner of my new eyes, I shall see a flicker of flame. I go to it and behold, 'Hell'. I shall hear Demons hissing in song, 'O Death bringeth those sinners to burn,' there the warmth blazed into heat, painful heat. Smoke so thick it burns my new eyes and the smell of flesh burning stings my nostrils. There they worship Lucifer and his hordes, with his wings black as his Kingdom. I can taste the ashes on my lips.
I turn and look back upon Heaven, there are the Angels, David and Gabriel, with their white wings and flowing robes, God and Jesus waiting for others to join them here. I will then realize I belong to neither part of this after life, for I am both a sinner and a believer in Heaven, I have sinned and payed for them, I have been forgiven but yet I never changed. I do not belong in Heaven or Hell, but some-where in between.
So I go to the very middle of the two and there I'll stay. From my back springs forth a set of wings, one white, untouched by evil, the other black, from fire. I shall look down at my robes and see with my new eyes flowing white robes, singed on the ends. Hell's fire and smell to close for comfort and the warmth of Heaven is not close enough. In this spot, me and others like me, sing our own song, 'O Death bringeth those lost souls.' There I will belong, my Heaven and my Hell.
Shall those that are lost, be not afraid, for there is nothing to fear, I shall welcome you into the in between, of Heaven and Hell.

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Stephina D. (sdoucette) - 9/1/2010 11:57 AM ET
almost reads like a poem, very lovely.
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