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The Eclectic Pen - Beyond The Dreams - Chapter 2

By: Stephanie P. (Alniah)   + 2 more  
Date Submitted: 2/9/2007
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy » Science Fiction
Words: 499

  Malit was somewhat nervous. He was doubtful which was uncommon. He always tried to believe in his owned. He kept on wondering if she could hold on and beat. Yet, he knew did down inside that she lived or died, he would lose her. How could she not understand what had happened? He could read his own guilt on his face. She had confronted a Maxist in the past; she would quickly discover the renegade biochemical data. He had not only broken the Rightbeing Rules but had also betrayed his owned. That was what would bring the most consequences. She would no longer grant him her trust, the fundamental notion of an owned-master relationship. They would no longer be. If Axia perished during this fight, it would partly be because of him. Losing her meant losing one of his best female owned. Even thought she had not accomplished any fatality, her technique was perfect.
His slave had just appeared in the arena, emerging on the right. She looked calm, and as every slave, resigned, convinced she could meet death today, simple fatality. An owned did not always last.
The Precursor surfaced, causing a wave of applauds from the steps. He waved at the crowd opulently.
Malit hated all of them but this Precursor above them all; he had been the source of the treason. He damned those players of life. They only sought violence, blood and money. The money, they earned it deciding who was destined to live or die. They chose the confrontation of this owned against this one, predestining the issue of the fight, betting on their analysis. In the end, they announced the sentence. A recalcitrant Master represented a weak obstacle. They reached for the darkest part of a person, for the vice. The money attracted anyone…Malit was proof. He felt disgust for his behavior. Yet, he was quick to find excuses. After all, the Rules forbad him to reveal his owned any data concerning her rival, renegade or otherwise. Admittedly, he could have notified the Revisers but what would have happened? It was his word against the Precursor’s…and he knew very well it would have ended up in his disfavor. Also, he could not forget the amount that he had been offered, more than what an owned of Axia’s potential was worth.
The entrance of the Maxist braught his attention back to the arena. Malit could not believe his eyes…it was an animal. Axia would soon meet her death, Malit was convinced of it. He understood why the instigator had bought his silence. He must have bet a lot on this fight. He had pt all the chances on his side by making sure Malit would remain silent. Axia was condemned. Malit could not imagine her prevailing. No one could save her now, not even him if he had wanted it. A deal was a deal. It always hurt to see one’s creation die but with an owned, you had to expect it, sooner or later.

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