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The Eclectic Pen - A bit of this...

By: Tina L. (fyrefairy54) -   + 4 more  
Date Submitted: 2/24/2013
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Words: 445

  Chapter One

The place was empty, featureless, and yet 'there.' No landmarks, no vistas, no horizons.
How long had it been like that...forever? It was there and it seemed to wait, for something.
Even time seemed unmarked here.
Maybe eons, and maybe minutes, passed. Then, a being arrived. An entity with a purpose.
"Yes," was all it said, as it surveyed the place, nameless, void-not-void. It set to work.
"A bit of this, a bit of that," it crooned, and began to dance. It decided on a gender for itself, and became female, green-skinned, graceful, and full of humor. She danced, and laughed, and things became.
The place found a name: Triana. It began to sprout vegetation--wild blooms in rainbow hues, some electric neon in color, and she danced as each came to be.
"Oh, this is going to be ho-ome," she sang,and birds appeared, and sang with her. Some were definitely odd-looking, becoming creatures of air and water--and then an ocean appeared. Sea creatures bobbed to the surface. Triana was becoming a world.
Other things appeared: hills, mountains, a pale violet sky, and the star that Triana orbited glowed bright in this new-made place. Other creatures, insects, animals, populated the new world, and the being danced some more.
She stopped, and started to cry.
"I'm alone."
Her tears fell on the land she made, and a shape grew from them; it grew larger, longer, and a bit wider. It began to glow from within and pulse.
The being approached this form(egg?) and touched the shape gently...and it tore, revealing another being, curled up tight.
It opened its eyes and stared at the female, rose up on two feet, and said, "Touch me. Tell me what I am. Tell me who I am."

The female hesitated, shy, then said: "I cried and you came. You are my mate; you are male. Your name is Brinn. And I am--I am..."She thought a moment. "I am Anniya. This is our home."
Anniya held out her hand, and he took it. Together they walked and began exploring their new home: Triana.

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