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Book Reviews of Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate
Blood and Chocolate
Author: Annette Curtis Klause
ISBN-13: 9780440226680
ISBN-10: 0440226686
Publication Date: 9/7/1999
Pages: 288
Reading Level: Young Adult
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 262 ratings
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Book Type: Paperback
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tbird avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 10 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 3
Once you read Blood and Chocolate, you will be able to see how appropriate the title is for this story. This is no ordinary werewolf story. No hi-tech weapons, no deep government plots, no secret labs, no century-old prophecy, and no politics (besides pack politics). This story is about a girl who tries to find balance between the human world (chocolate) and the werewolf world (blood), and finds these worlds clash in the struggle for love. The story brings the extraordinary circumstances of lycanthropy to the world of the mundane that we are more familiar with.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 8 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Loved it! Couldn't put it down - I got swept up in the story.
Spreebre avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 7 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
One of my favorite books! It has romance, adventure, suspense, just about everything! Normally, werewolf stories are corny, stereotypical, and old fashioned, but this book took the werewolf idea and put it in a modern day setting, where they exist but are in hiding (they are careful about what the do so as not to be discovered). I like to read this book every few years and it never gets old!

If you have read this book and are interested in seeing the movie, prepare to be disappointed. About the only similarity in the two are the characters names (literally). And if you have seen the movie and are interested in the book....prepare to be amazed!
acreech12 avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 2 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I really was surprised at this book. Most werewolf books end in the human becoming one with the werewolf. But this one, it really made sense. Aiden's whole attitude really described how the real response should be to the supernatural. It did, however, lose half a star b/c I didn't really like how Vivian reacted to what happened. I knew from the beginning who was the bad guy and who was responsible for the deaths in the town. I also didn't really like Gabriel, until the end, due to his odd reactions to things. He just seemed like a creep. Overall, though, I really enjoyed this book and it was great. The plot line and the characters fit well and made everything more suspenseful. I'd recommend it to any of my friends.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on
Helpful Score: 1
Very well written!! I'm looking forward to the movie, which I've heard is in the process of being made.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 19 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I really liked this book - it kept me hooked from the beginning.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 48 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Very good book. quick read.
2manyb00ks avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 203 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I've read quite a few vampire novels. I picked up this book wanting some kind of introduction to werewolf stories, however, I was not impressed. The was a lot more blood than chocolate... in fact, I can only recall chocolate being mentioned once so the title doesn't really make a lot of sense. The plot and writing style were very juvenile and un-researched. I realize this was a Young Adult/Teen book, but the whole thing was more pretend than realistic/believable.

The "b" word was used often, but usually in context as the word was meant to be used (although not always). The "f" word appeared a couple times as well, which surprised and disappointed me since this book was advertised for teens.

The story had a happy ending, but the book was kind of all over the place throughout and I have to say by the time I reached the last page, I still didn't feel like I was really involved in the book. It was a quick read (only 264 pgs), but I don't see myself reading any more of Miss Klause's books.
readingislife avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 2 more book reviews
The best thing Anette Klause has written. Even though this is a YA book, adults will enjoy the plotline as well. The characters and well developed and the story is intruging, taking on the age-old question of which side of human nature will prevail-man or beast? This auther dissapoints me. When I finished this book I thought I'd read her others. They were simply bad, or ok at best. Nowhere near as good as this book. I would have loved a sequel, or for Annette to try writing some adult fiction, but that has not happened yet. Enjoy this novel, but don't expect any follow-ups.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 4 more book reviews
This is one of the bestest books I have ever read. The author has it so detailed and I love the connection between Vivian and Aiden. Very intense and a nonstop-page flipping book!!
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 5 more book reviews
Not really a werewolf girl, but this book was awesome! Couldn't put it down!
MichellsBooks avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 9 more book reviews
I enjoyed this book alot. I was a little disappointed with the movie, the book is much better. I liked it and so did my 16 year old daughter.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on
Not quite as good, nor indepth as I remembered, but still very enjoyable.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 15 more book reviews
The book was very different from the movie. The character names are the same but that is about it. The book was very good in the beginning but I felt the ending was a little weak. It seemed almost as though the author was just in a hurry to get it finished. While geared towards Young Adults the book is entertaining enough for adults also.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 9 more book reviews
Okay so, in my opinion, this book was great, IN THE BEGINNING. Now I know that every story cant end happy, but GOD this ending was terrible, it was like she chopped off the last quarter and added something totally different, leaving behind everything else she wrote, it was not very imaginative and was completely boring.

If you've seen the movie, in my opinion, the movie is better than the book (and I read the book first).
paisleywings avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 232 more book reviews
This was just OK. There was some romance, fighting among the pack, and killing for fun. It sounds like it would be good, but wasn't a page-turner for me.
ophelia99 avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 2527 more book reviews
I have heard excellent things about this book and have been meaning to read it for quite some time. I really enjoyed Silver Kiss by Klause. Finally I got around to reading it and it was a very good book.

Vivian is loup-garou, a werewolf of sorts. She lives with her mother and the rest of a pack who are struggling to survive. Vivian's father was the pack leader and when he was killed in an accident they were left leaderless. It also appears that someone is killing humans, and the wounds look suspiciously wolf-like. With all the tension over these issues the pack is a mess. Vivian just wants to fit in somewhere and finds solace in a boy at school named Adrian. But can he ever accept the real Vivian? In the end Vivian may have to choose, does she want to embrace her human side? Or stay true to her loup-garou roots? Which will she decide ultimately tastes better blood or chocolate?

This was a very well done book. As far as books done about werewolves it was one of the better young adult books out there. The description throughout is beautiful; although Vivian isn't the most likable heroine you end up really feeling her pain by the end of the book. Klause did an excellent job in having events unfold in a way that they really would.

I loved how Klause brings a lot of mythology around the moon into this story and how when Vivian runs as wolf you can really feel the beauty of the night that she feels.

The above being said I did have one big problem with this book. That problem is that almost all of the characters are complete jerks at one point or another. I actually started reading this book last year and had to set it aside because I just disliked all of the characters so much. I am glad I finally stuck with it though and read this book; in the end I did learn to sympathize with these characters, but I still didn't like them much.

Overall this was a very good young adult werewolf book. There are scenes of beauty and descriptions of the night that are very lyrical. While I didn't find the characters to be likable, there was a brutal honesty to them that was refreshing. If you enjoyed NIghtshade you would probably enjoy this book; if you loved this book I would recommend reading Nightshade.
BellaDonna-Sage avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on
It wasn't like the movie, which was awesome because I don't want to feel like I was reading a script...this book was an AWESOME READ!! My 14yr old Niece really enjoyed reading it as well! Worth getting!!
scarletsptember avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 6 more book reviews
This book is very different from the film. Although the film was great, the book was so much better as it always is.
It's set in northern America, making it easier for American readers to relate to. Also it give the characters more justice and explanation as to why they were portrayed they were. The entire concept of the pack and the hierarchy throughout the story was very formal but enjoyable to read about.

I really enjoyed the was Annette Curtis Klause allow the main character Vivian to voice her thoughts throughout the novel was a nice change.
therealcatinthehat avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on
OMG i loved this book i have read it over and over agine that i can site the book for you!!!!!

but a word of warning read the book before you watch the movie the book is like 10 times better the only thing the book and the movie really have in commen are the names of the people
KoontzJunkie avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 43 more book reviews
This is a great 'young adult' novel. 2 of my friends and I read it, and discovered it was being made into a movie. This plot line is so much different... but the movie was good in it's own way. I recomend this.
bookcat avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 29 more book reviews
My 13 yr. old son enjoyed it...and so did I. Very interesting idea. Can't wait for the movie!
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 17 more book reviews
This is beautiful. The prose creates an enchanting coming-of-age story, full of romance and adventure and danger.
obxsurfergurlo2 avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 29 more book reviews
My absolute favorite book of all time. I can't really even begin to explain just HOW GOOD this book is...read it and see for yourself!
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 273 more book reviews
daughter loved it
skywriter319 avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 962 more book reviews
Exciting and unusual, it doesn't let down for even one page. All of the characters are multifaceted and complex, which I love. Readers of all ages and genders will be able to appreciate this book, which has a little bit of everything for everyone.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on
[from Amazon]: Vivian's not happy. A tragic fire killed her father a year ago, and now her mother (partly out of grief) has started flirting with men half her age. The Five, a group of adolescent boys her age, are completely immature around her and she doesn't have any friends at school. And then there's that problem with being a werewolf. Normally it doesn't bother Vivian. After all, as a member of the loups-garoux, she and her tribe (including the aforementioned mother, Five, and even her dear departed father) keep mostly to themselves. They mingle with humans to some degree, but soon they'll have to find a place outside of civilization where they can be themselves. There's mutiny stirring amongst the pack, however. Without a strong leader factions are struggling to gain control, and no one knows where it will all end. And then Vivian falls in love with a human boy...

[me]: The characters could have been more evolved. But overall the book is entertaining. Fast read.
Moo avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 111 more book reviews
Vivian and her clan are loups-garoux, werewolf kind. She absolutely loves the feel of being a midnight creature, hunting and running under the moon. But in Maryland, where they dwell, is becoming too taxing for the health of the pack. Humans are everywhere, and when you have the Five, Astrid; the backstabber, and no leader, its very dangerous. Vivian ends up connecting to an open-minded artist named Aiden, and he loves her dearly, till she shows what she truly is. She is duality at its finest, but he cannot accept the fact and breaks up with her. Treachery, lust, love, and knowing oneself are themes in this book. The clincher and message is sometimes you cannot be with someone who cannot accept all of you. But chance comes along when the brooding and strong Gabriel becomes leader, he's obnoxious, but he proves to Vivian that her tale is close to his. He wants her. Maybe she'll realize that her need to feel accepted resides in the person she fears and despises most.

I love this book! The complexity of the themes had my heart racing. Vivian is the perfect semblance of beauty, strength, and sensuality. Blood and Chocolate impresses me because Vivian makes werewolves seem so tangible. And that being so in touch with their primal needs and actions resides, though repressed, in all of us.
Bibliocrates avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 252 more book reviews
Vivian Gandillon, a sixteen year-old werewolf, feels lost in the suburbs of Maryland, new home of the now leader-less pack that fled from West Virginia after having been discovered. Still mourning the loss of her father, former pack leader, she longs to be normal in this strange new town. She falls in love with Aiden, a human meat-boy, and ends up hurt in the end. With her pack in disarray, she can't help but feel guilty when a series of brutal murders threatens to expose the pack yet again. Is she guilty or is she being framed? Feeling rejected, she becomes stuck between both worlds, between her human and beast form, until the unexpected happens. She finds herself, accepts who she is. I really liked this book as well as the movie based on this book, although they differ considerably in plot. I would recommend both, a good coming-of-age story!
knightslady avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 96 more book reviews
A great read...I am a college student and it is nice to find a good book to read after reading textbooks all day. But this book really need to have a secuel.
ladyofavalon avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 88 more book reviews
a good, quick super-natural young adult novel. The movie that came out with the same title is filth in comparison. This book does lean toward the "girl falls for the bad boy" archetype, yet it pulls it off with enough originality to be worth the read. Hope ya like your werewolves young and troubled, for they are both in Blood and Chocolate.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 48 more book reviews
Having seen the movie (loosely) based on the book I was pleasantly surprised to find the story differing just enough to seem brand new. While it starts out haltingly it quickly gets into its pace and is a thoroughly enjoyable read focused on an restless teen trying to find her 'happy medium' between the world of her pack/family and the humans all around her.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 48 more book reviews
Good Book...I actually got me started on Paranormal books.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 25 more book reviews
Blood and Chocolate follows Vivian Gandillon, a sixteen year old werewolf. As if that's not enough, she makes the biggest mistake...falling for a human. She is also strained further by the void in her pack after the death of her father. A new leader needs to be chosen. Who will it be?

What is she really-human or beast? Which tastes sweeter-blood or chocolate?
IlliniAlum83 avatar reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 180 more book reviews
Fans of the Twilight vampire series should like this too! Read the book and avoid the movie.
reviewed Blood and Chocolate on + 11 more book reviews
I didn't really like this book. There was laguage it I didn't like. The story was nothing much. I will probably forget what this book was about in a couple months.
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