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The Eclectic Pen - breahe

By: ericjasongastelum   + 52 more  
Date Submitted: 3/20/2012
Last Updated: 4/9/2012
Words: 114

  you walk past the panties on the floor. worn just long enough to have steeped in that intoxicating scent from that warm gash. it's those panties that you first hover cautiously in front of your nose, but then the small arms of that smell grab the inside of your lungs and shake your nerves. then you hold that cloth tight and try to breathe harder than you know you can. now not even the stench an inch away from the intoxicating smear is a worry anymore. there is no caution. there is no delicacy. we are this beast. we wear these clothes and bury our nature deep within just so others are not offended.

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