Book Reviews of Burning Lamp (Arcane Society, Bk 8) (Dreamlight, Bk 2)

Burning Lamp (Arcane Society, Bk 8) (Dreamlight, Bk 2)
Burning Lamp - Arcane Society, Bk 8 - Dreamlight, Bk 2
Author: Amanda Quick
PBS Market Price: $8.09 or $4.19+1 credit
ISBN-13: 9780515149258
ISBN-10: 051514925X
Publication Date: 3/29/2011
Pages: 448
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 104 ratings
Publisher: Jove
Book Type: Paperback
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Excellent - Might be interesting to put all the Arcane books in chronological order and read from Victorian to futuristic. Fun and quick read. Need a time to finish in one sitting.
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This book is in the Victorian era, the second book of a trilogy inside the Arcane Society series!

Adelaide Pyne was 15 when her parents died. Her parents had been members of the Arcane Society, (created to study psychic powers), and she can read dreamlight. The man who controlled her inheritance told her he was sending her to an orphanage for young ladies. Instead, he sold her to a brothel and stole the money! She escaped from the brothel with a lamp a 'customer' had brought to her room, still a virgin, and went to America. Years later, she felt compelled to return to England, and has spent her time rescuing girls from brothels. She is known only as 'The Widow', dresses in mourning, and keeps her face veiled. She creates new identities for them and has set up an academy to teach them a trade.

Griffin Winters, also a teenager when his Arcane Society parents were murdered, took to the streets and became a crime lord. As he did not deal in prostitution, Adelaide had not encountered him. He, however, had been tracking her and discovered that she could read dreamlight. He has been desperately searching for the lamp and a dreamlight reader as he has turned 36 and is having nightmares and hallucinations, a curse that runs through the males of the Winters family. He asks a mutual friend to set up a meeting with her. He can veil himself in shadows, she never shows her face.

When they meet, he tells her that she is in danger because her raids are becoming predictable, and that she must stop. He also tells her that he needs help to find the lamp, and for her to help him work it. As she already has the lamp and he explains that he will go insane if she won't help him, she agrees. He tells her that he is getting another talent, and that the Arcane Society will have him killed if he does, as it assumes he will go rogue. He shuts off the shadows, and asks her to lift her veil, which she does. They study each other.

The customer who had originally tracked her to the brothel, is again searching for her and the lamp. He is known only as Mr. Smith, and is a high ranking Arcane member.

Griffin is shot rescuing Adelaide from a kidnapping. She takes him in and treats him. It turns out that she had spent time in America in a 'wild west show' and had learned a lot of things about gunshot wounds and guns! He recovers but is furious when he finds out that Mrs Jones, of Jones & Jones Agency, had been called in to treat him. Jones & Jones work for the Arcane Society!

The story is full of adventure and intrigue and romance. I don't want to go into more details as it might spoil the book for you, but I loved it. Krentz/Quick books are always fun to read.

The third book in the trilogy, 'Midnight Crystal', is in the future and on another planet. Interesting!
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I Really enjoy these books, they are a great read, enough suspense and intrique to keep you hooked. Love the Arcane Society series.
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From the first scene Griffin and adelaide came off the pages and just sprang to life! I loved this couple and throw in Caleb and his wife...priceless.
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very disappointed in this work..characters moved slowly and stiffly. Not her usual action-packed reads!
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I started this book expecting it to be the same as the other Arcane Society novels, but was surprised to find that it wasnt. It has the same strong, unique characters, a good plot, crafty villainseverything that makes a Quick book, but it felt different too. I guess thats a good thing, considering that it is supposed to be a parallel, almost opposing story to all of the Jones novels. Oh, and did I mention, its book two? Reading out of order again: guilty as charged.

This book felt short to me, though it could have been that I was enjoying the story and not paying attention to how far along I was. I like Griffin. Hes a strong, self-assured and capable man, and his career is rather unique. Having a character whos some kind of criminal mastermind sounds like a clichéd idea. But it isnt with Griffin. Quick weaves his web of power very convincingly, and Griffin understands his responsibilities and the risks in a way that tell you his world is a real one. Adelaide is interesting; definitely not your run of the mill girl for this day and age. She has a really in-depth background with a lot of cool stuff, but I felt her story was still kind of flat. I knew she had been all over in the new world and had done and was still doing rather dangerous things, but I just couldnt bring her background story into the actual novel. The one exception is where the novel starts, with her brothel raids.

I loved the re-intro of Lucinda and Caleb; very cool, very cool. Theres no better way to make a story vivid than to bring back other much-loved characters who have already helped to establish the world.

There are several scenes throughout that caught me unawares and had really obvious messages in them. For one, I was surprised Adelaide let Griffin walk off with the lamp, especially after she had carried it around with her for so many years. She said she was glad to be rid of it, but given the energy and time shed put into preserving it, I would have thought shed be a little more protective. Another scene was when Griffin took a bullet meant for AdelaideI just kind of laughed and thought, Yeah, theres the beginning of the romance. My favorite scene is probably the first face-to-face meeting between Caleb and Griffin. Theyre both strong males who meet on fairly level ground, both needing information, but both also determined to hold their own and not give too much away. Putting two such characters together can either go badly or well, and Quick of course, does it well.

Overall, The Burning Lamp is a good read, though I think I prefer the Jones books. But the excerpt from the third book at the end is pretty awesome, so Im going to stick out this series.
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Not the best, but I love the Arcane Society series and wanted all the books in the series.
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good book