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By: Barbara P. (gotchagal) - ,   + 19 more  
Date Submitted: 4/6/2010
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 153

  In a middle-class neighborhood
of Brooklyn, New York in the
mid 1950s, there was a corner
luncheonette across the street
from J.H.S. 246.

Inside were red leather
booths and formica table tops.
A waist-high counter
stretched the length of the
left-hand wall and dark red
stools marked the row in front of it.

At predictable places were
sugar, salt & pepper containers,
and crystal ashtrays that were
sometimes chipped, but serviceable.

Jessica and I would go there
for lunch on a daily basis
and always order the same
things; a tuna fish sandwich
on toast and a cherry Coke
with lemon, please.

It cost us
only fifty cents then,
a bargain anyway you looked
at it. Coffee was a dime
and the refills were endless.

Getting served, well it took
as long as it took, but somehow
we were always back to school
on time, unless of course, we
played hookey for the afternoon.
That did happen sometimes,
although not too often.

On Saturday nights I heard
that Moondog, with Allen Freed
would be playing on the radio,
but evenings never found
us there.

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