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The Eclectic Pen - California Gurls(And Boys)

By: Helen R.  
Date Submitted: 8/5/2010
Genre: Teen & Young Adult
Words: 414

  Chapter 1:The Big Question(Katherine's Point Of View)

The water was on fire with the sunset, I was sitting on the sand with Max,Kalie,and Iain. Me and Kali were admiring our new engagement rings.

A couple minutes ago max and Iain had proposed to us, max to me and Iain to Kalie.They had Taken us on the ride "Tsunami" The first ride they ever took us on were they kissed us. When we got off they took us to the beach knelled and proposed to us at the same time, it was so romantic!

I rolled over from making out with max and jumped up." Come on guys, were on a beach, at sunset, doing nothing, Let's go swimming!"

Iain an Kalie rolled over and groaned , I smiled and pulled Kalie up and max helped Iain up.
Kalie and I set our rings inside our purses, and ran after our boy... Husbands
I tackled max into the surf and kissed him under the water, When we came up for air we laughed , I helped him up and we walked deeper into the water to catch up with Kalie and Iain.

We played water tag for a while but when I noticed that the boardwalk was lit up like a concert and the sky was dark I called out" Come on guys!"I smiled" It's time to go " They looked over at the boardwalk and they got out of the water

I grabbed my ring,slipped it on and grabbed my shorts.I laughed when i turned around to see Kalie hopping around trying to pull her shorts, I really shouldn't laugh cause I was doing the same thing, we both collapsed laughing at the site of each other

I finally got my shorts on and decided to avoid the same thing with my shirt and just grabbed my keys and purse, we all piled into my green convertible bug. I put on some Kelly Clarkson

I drove us all to our house (We lived in a Duplex, Kalie and I in the back. Max and Iain in the back)

I walked in and I was exhausted me Kalie just fell into our beds, i dont know about kalie but i was asleep before my head hit the pillow

P.S. This story was written by my Daughter Senita, tell me what you think of it so i can tell her, This is only the first of many chapters

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