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Book Reviews of Carrie's Story

Carrie's Story
Carrie's Story
Author: Molly Weatherfield
ISBN-13: 9781573441568
ISBN-10: 1573441562
Publication Date: 7/26/2002
Pages: 220
  • Currently 3.1/5 Stars.

3.1 stars, based on 55 ratings
Publisher: Cleis Press
Book Type: Paperback
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msdamgoode avatar reviewed Carrie's Story on + 83 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 10
A well written story in it's execution, but the subject matter is a tad too intense for me. I have enjoyed bondage erotica in the past, but this is definatly not for the faint of heart, as it involves pony play, lifstyle servitude, and humiliation. Also, supprisingly enough, while it is certianly descriptive about the sex, every thing was told in such a "matter-of-fact" voice, that it didn't seem very titilating.
I can see where others more into the lifestyle would deem this a must read though.
KitchenWitch avatar reviewed Carrie's Story on + 14 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 5
This is a story of a college student who finds herself at a party where she meets a Dom. He notices her and how the movie they are watching excites her. He offers to train her as a slave.
This book was not exciting or sexy. There are no scenes in detail they are mentioned but they are not really part of the story. It is about how she becomes a slave, but not in a sexy way. There is no romance in this book. VERY disappointing.
reviewed Carrie's Story on
Helpful Score: 4
I have read a lot of BDSM and this one is only for you if you like cold, detached, humiliating, role-play BDSM sex. I would have enjoyed it more if I knew how Carrie or Jonathan felt, or perhaps why they were compelled to do BDSM this way - a backstory, anything... But no, just straight up hardcore. Carrie is treated like an animal, and you suppose it turns her on, though you never really know for sure.
reviewed Carrie's Story on + 5 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 3
I don't read a lot of bdsm, but if you want a look at this world from a willling participant's viewpoint--this is your book. It's very well written and hot. Erotic contemporary. It was a little disturbing to me toward the end, but it was truly fascinating overall. And if you are really into the world of bdsm, I don't think you'll find it disturbing. Fabulous cover too. On my keeper shelf.
reviewed Carrie's Story on + 33 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Wondeful erotic S&M story. :)
KimM avatar reviewed Carrie's Story on + 117 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Peek into the BDSM world. I don't get into BDSM but I can understand it now. I liked the sequel Safe Word, too. I enjoyed the character growth.
reviewed Carrie's Story on + 67 more book reviews
The sequel to "Carrie's Story", "Safe Word" continues Molly Weatherfield's tale of uncompromising sexual adventure.
ophelia99 avatar reviewed Carrie's Story on + 2527 more book reviews
I have had this book on my shelf to read for some time; I can't even remember why I got it now...I think I was in this erotica phase a few years back and decided to pick it up. It's an okay book, very similar in some ways to the Story of O...but not nearly as entertaining as Tipping the Velvet was. The story doesn't really wrap up at all but just ends in the middle and the main character isn't all that likable.

Carrie is a young woman going to college at Berkeley for her PhD when she meets Jonathan. Jonathan sees Carrie and thinks she might be into being his submissive and invites her to his house. From there Carrie is introduced to the world of BDSM and signs on to be Jonathan's slave. When Jonathan decides to sell Carrie at a slave auction Carrie is sent through many rigors to get her ready for the auction. This includes a stent at a human stable where she learns pony play (how to be a human pony).

You can't help but compare this book to the Story of O (which I read last year) it's very similar and I think I actually liked the Story of O better. I feel like the Story of O did a better job at addressing the psychology of why O wanted to be a slave and also did a better job at showing how O has subtle power of her own even as a slave.

I think the best part of the book is how it shows Carrie trying to balance her modern job and life with her sessions as a slave. I also think that it was interesting that she was able to make a career out of being a slave and found the contracts and laws that Carrie had to sign and go through to be intriguing. The Story of O was set in a different time, but this book shows how BDSM can work in our modern day systems and lives.

There is some discussion between Carrie and one of her friends about why people feel the need to treat others as slaves, but there isn't a lot of discussion on why Carrie feels the need to be a slave. Carrie is a witty and intelligent woman who has a high sex drive and for some reason just really enjoys being at the whim of those around her. Carrie's internal dialogue is snarky and witty. She seems to think of this whole journey through the BDSM scene and into slavery as some sort of adventure (which I guess it is).

There is a lot of sex of all types in here. I mean a lot. Again, just like the Story of O, the pure quantity and repetitiveness of the sex makes the sex itself a bit monotonous. Again there are some more elaborate scenes where Carrie's tops work to screw with her mind in creative ways but for the most part the scenes are pretty similar. There is a lot of whipping and sex. I continue to wish these erotica authors would put a bit more effort and creativity into their sex scenes. I did enjoy the ponyplay section; that was just so bizarre and intriguing.

I had a couple issues with the book. First of all you never really get to know or care about any of the characters in here; everything just feels kind of distant and that makes the story less engaging. Also the novel ends right in the middle of everything, so you never really get to find out what happens to Carrie.

Overall an okay novel about BDSM culture and pony play. I enjoyed the Story of O more, I just thought it was more engaging and better written. I also enjoyed Tipping the Velvet a lot more (although this is more about GLBT culture, there is quite a bit of BDSM in this book was well). If you are really interested in BDSM culture this is probably worth a read, otherwise I would skip it.
reviewed Carrie's Story on + 1215 more book reviews
This is the story of a young 20something and how she got started as a sub. Told in the first person, it details her learning experiences, both good & not-so-good, of her first year with her first Dom. It also tells how she is prepared for auction. This is written as serious stuff, not to be confused with D/s lite; there is nothing romantic about this story; it is a well-written chronicle of a lifestyle most of us cannot fathom.