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The Eclectic Pen - Chew

By: Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - ,   + 36 more  
Date Submitted: 7/11/2008
Last Updated: 5/31/2011
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Genre Fiction
Words: 1,723

  I am a scientist. I am 30 years old, female. Correction. I am a
geneticist. I was studying the effects of cross breeding. Experimentation
they told me. Then I found out we were successful. A hybrid. Half wolf, half human.Incubated until it was no longer stabilized in the chamber. Once released no one could control it and it escaped. What we unleashed onto the world reminded me of the tales the Elders would recite around the great Fires. The Wendi go would frighten and fascinate me. Now, instead of been a long ago tale, we've made the creature live and breath.

* * *

There are 7 of us. Each of us with our strengths and weaknesses. We were only planning an afternoon hunt when a d*mn blizzard blew in and sheeted us out, completely disorienting us. Thank God for our rescue. I looked around at all the faces, looking so exhausted but with a hint of relief. Tom,35, he's got a wife and new baby girl. He's got frostbite on his fingers pretty bad, but I think he'll be OK. Terry, 37, Tom�s brother.
Looks just like him too. Brownish hair, strong jaw, built like an ox the both of them, lumberjack strong. Made from good stock. He's got frostbite the worst of all. His are starting to turn. I don't really give him a fighting chance of his fingers getting saved, nose and ears look OK tho. Buck, 18, my son. God I hate looking at him this way. He's such a
solider. His frostbite affected his feet worse than his hands so he had to just lay there most of the time while we were lost. That's why I think his hypothermia is worse too. He still can't stop shivering. Jaime, 27, just married and a baby on the way. He seemed to be in the first stages of hypothermia as well, but he was just thrilled to be there. No worries about the situation at hand. Also his first hunt with the gang. He joined the job and heard us talking and wanted to come along. His frostbite on his hands and feet. It looks pretty bad, but I think he'll pull through. Mike, 39, my buddy. We've been through thick and thin . Grew up together as neighbors. Guess we're in the thick again. His frostbite is not that bad as the rest, but it's still bad. Rick, 19, Mike's son and Buck's best friend. I am sure it's hard for him to watch his friend go through this. His frostbite is about the same as his Dad's, if not a little less severe. They must share some secret to keep from getting the worst of it, hehe. Finally me, John, 38. The ache of this frostbite was so bad I wanted to gnaw my darn feet off. Now they are going numb, so I don't know if that is any better.

I pushed the button on the side of my head labeled 'talk'.

"How goes it up there?" The pilot's response mike was on automatic, so
all he has to do was talk into the mike.

"Everything look-"

"Sorry. What was that mate?"

"What in God's name was that?" I had no idea what the pilot had seen butI was about to feel what he was feeling as the plane went down.

I saw flashes but it was not my life. I saw the trees coming in flashes, at high speed, through the cargo plane�s small forward window. I heard and felt everything. I wasn�t one of the fortunate ones to be knocked out cold. We skimmed over the trees for about 3 seconds and took a nosedive and everyone went flying. Thankfully we were all secured by harnesses. The worst of us were in the litters and strapped down to the floor. But that didn�t keep us from getting tossed about. The plane didn�t just slid into a crash landing. It sliced through a couple trees, the branches immediately taking off the wings and turning the plane into a metal life saver if we made it, a coffin for 8 if we did not. Finally, with an loud and sickening crash the plane came to a stop. No sooner had we �landed� did I hear the pilot in my headset, I was amazed they had stayed on my head. �Everyone OK back there? If so, we need to evacuate and try and salvage what we can.� I looked around and it seemed to me like everyone was OK.

�Jamie, hey buddy you ready to roll?� I saw Jamie huddled up against the back wall. He was shivering the whole trip. When he didn�t answer I unbuckled my harness and went to shake his shoulder, �Jamie-� He head lolled back and I could see the wound. He had taken a hit to the jugular. Looked like a piece of metal or hard plastic. �Oh geez. Can I get some help back here!� I yelled. I heard some shuffled then the pilot was asking,

�What the problem?� I just pointed. He saw Jamie, and the wound. �I see. Well I am sorry for your loss and we will take care of your friend as well.� He checked for a pulse out of courtesy, it looked good and well like Jamie had perished in the crash.

�Thank you.� I replied and went about getting supplies into a pack bag and getting off the plane. The best any of us could do was help each other. We were are hurt and aching. The ones that had less pain helped the worst ones, but that didn�t keep us from wanted to collapse in a heap of burning nerves.

�Alright guys. I will take care of the fella that didn�t make it. If you all want to say anything special I can respect that. But in your current condition I don�t see us getting around a graveside to do it. But we can pay our respects here and now.� The pilot allowed us to speak our piece. A few tears were shed, not because Jamie was a long time friend, but because anytime someone is lost it hurts. Plus, he�ll never get to see his baby. Tom, Mike Rick and I start doing the best we can to set up camp. Fortunately we were able to salvage the radio. Mike has some communications background and will be in charge of getting us rescued. The pilot and him will work in round the clock shifts. Rick has amazing survival skills. At our last rescue, a few hours before help arrived he was able to get a fire going. It was a little late for some of us with our frostbite and all, but it still help to stop the progress. So Rick got right on the fire this time. The pilot stowed an over-all tarp that�s like an open tent. It�s big enough to cover and area to sleep about 10 people. It was designed for situations like this. In case of emergencies. So with a little sweat and a lot of grunting we had the tent up. By the time that was done Rick had the fire ready. Thankfully we had food supplies. So the only thing marked against is that we were out in the middle of nowhere, and we were injured to varying degrees. We even had our hunting rifles that made it through our first rescue and through the crash.

�Well I went back to the crash site and the plane hasn�t been blow to bits. So whatever else we might need I think will be safe for now.� The pilot informed us. �All we can do now is sit and wait to be rescued..again.� We all chuckled a bit at his pun and went back to work settling in the camp. Dinner was served about an hour later and we were all famished.

�Aren�t you going to eat anything else?� I asked Rick. He was already lean as a bean pole. �Naw, I got my protein shakes and vitamins. I am on a special diet.� Mike had already made a pallet and was snoozing. He had second shift, which was evening to morning. So I guess he was getting a head start his sleep.

�Great God Almighty did you guys hear that.?�
�Yeah, sounded like a scream, but way out here?� That gave me chills from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. �Maybe we should have someone stand guard with Mike tonight, while he�s checking the radio. That just freaked me out to the max.�
�Probably was some kind of animal.� Buck replied with confidence
�If it was, it was probably being eaten by something bigger.�

* * *
Though I only had half a human side it was enough to give me emotions, feelings, wants and needs. I shifted to my human side when necessary to blend in with them, like now. They won�t know what�s coming to them once the Cycle is complete. I didn�t ask to be this way. I didn�t ask to be chomped on. Now I have to feed my New Nature. I have this hunger so intense I feel like I am going to die if I don�t eat. I�ve got plenty to eat now. No worries.

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Michal W. (Princess101) - 2/5/2010 3:29 PM ET
creepy kenjii. i liked it though. you write realy good stories dude. michal
Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - , - 2/8/2010 3:43 PM ET
Thanks Michal =D I really am glad you are enjoying my stories. I enjoy writing them.
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