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The Eclectic Pen - Chrysalis

By: Ashlie H.  
Date Submitted: 3/20/2014
Genre: Children's Books » Science Fiction & Fantasy
Words: 183

  September was her least favorite month. without fail, every year, it brought nothing but bitter winds and endless gray landscapes. it seemed to suck all the magic out of the world. somehow, it always seemed disturbingly appropriate that her birthday was in september. Nissa parted the dingy curtain and peered into the early morning mist. at first, the world seemed still; shades of black and gray wearing a thick skirt of white fog, and then she saw it. Two tiny yellow pin-pricks of light, steadily getting bigger and closer. 'Who in the world would be coming here at this time?' Nissa thought to herself, letting the curtain fall back into place. Moving as quietly as possible, she shuffled out of ve room and down the stairs. It was dark in the house, all the lights off and the curtains drawn. Nissa walked to the front door and peered through the peephole. The vehicle was closer, though still about a mile away. Nissa's house was the only one at the end of a long and bumpy road, filled with potholes and skirting a cl

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