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The Eclectic Pen - Crab Legs: Part 2 (WIP)

By: Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - ,   + 36 more  
Date Submitted: 8/27/2009
Last Updated: 6/22/2011
Genre: Horror » General
Words: 854

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It felt like tiny fireworks were exploding inside my skull. My skin crawled and my mouth went dry. I scanned the room for a weapon. Anything! Something! I needed to move. I ran to the far side of the room away from the door were I heard the scratching. ?Roberts, come on, think!? I muttered to myself. A faint odor of sulfur crept into the room. I gagged and cover my mouth and nose. It is not everyday I come across mutilated corpses and have to defend myself. I am not a fighter but I?ll be damned if I am going freeze up and panic.

I found a cabinet. Inside were vials of clear liquids and syringes. I grabbed them and some other medical supplies. I had not a clue what I?d rig together but I felt like time had ran out. Just as I zipped the bag up the door around the corner burst open and slammed against the wall. My body did freeze up for about five seconds. Plenty of time for whatever was in the room to peer around the corner. I glimpsed out of the corner of my eye, a living terror.

A scream tore from my throat as I forced my muscle to react to the primal urge, fight or flight. ?Flight! Flight, now!? I clutched the bag and took off running. My stocking feet hindered my terrific getaway and I stumbled. I caught myself and was able to find footing and start running again. Behind me the worst thing imaginable was on my heels. I heard it scrambling to catch me. It?s many legs a hindrance on the slick surfaces of the infirmary. It was able to grasp and pull and make it way forward. ?Jesus Christ what?s happening?? I felt a cool slick slap on my calf but I did not care to examine the possible motive. When the surface of my skin started to boil and burn I couldn?t help to and stop look. ?What. The. Hell! Come on!? The back of my leg was covered in the same clear slime I saw the man in the infirmary covered in. I had made it to the locked door that no one used. It connected to the B wing. As I saw my leg beginning to dissolve I knew I had done my best. The crab creature made it?s way around the corner and into my secret space.

It shot forward and was just about to impale me with it many legs when the door opened and something grabbed me, pulling me inside. ?Ack.? I was engulfed in darkness and felt it pressing in on me. I hated being in the dark. ?Hello?? I called out. My fucking leg was on fire and I felt like I was going to puke. ?Hey! Who?s there?? Lights flickered and just like in a creepy horror movie there was barely enough light down a long, long hallway. I could see and I leaned against the wall. I needed to get my leg fixed. It was starting to go numb and did not like that feeling at all. At least the pain meant my leg was able. ?Dang.? I could not feel my leg so I slowly dragged it as I used one hand to feel along the wall. ?Hello!? I called out. My voice echoed weirdly down the hall and vibrated back towards me. This was going from bad to worst. Alone and wounded. I didn?t know why I was here. I just wanted to get some answers. I walked for what seemed like hours. How could this be inside the old wing of the hospital?

Up ahead I heard what sounded like rocks sliding. I moved a little faster. Something heavy tumbled and I felt the ground shake. Suddenly my led cramped up. ?OWWWW!!!? I fell to the ground and grabbed my knee. I curled in a fetal position. My leg convulsed and spasamed as I tried to hold on to consciousness. ?What now.? I felt something tear and a fluid leaking down my leg. Something squirmed out of my leg and flopped onto the floor. I was able to scoot away and turn towards the wall. I squinted through a dizzy spell and sweat stung eyes. There on the floor of the dim lit corridor in the walls of the old mental institute, was a visitor. It was formed of muscle, slicked with my blood and its shape was like a snake. It?s mouth split and looked as though someone sliced through meat with a dull knife, a jagged maw spoke the words:

?Welcome to Inner. Find the key. Unlock the door.? The visitor slithered towards me.

?W-what are you doing?? My answer was a twisted, biting pain as it molded itself back into the bloody pulpy mass that was my calf. That pain grew to be to much. I pasted out when I heard the scraping of hurried footsteps.

?Hurry the quest begins when the last formation is placed.? The voices whispered and the felt the hands lift and carry me off.

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